Volume 11, Issue 4, page 20

ough to bring the recorder over
here and let me listen to the
hour and a half long discourse.
It was absolutely wonderful.
To be brief as possible, Michael X told exactly the same
things my spirits have been
telling me for the last few
years... Michael had a vision
of some great Being (he hinted
it was Jesus), This Being was
a large, well - built man, with
long hair, wonderful eyes, and
a 'clean-shaven face'.
"I have been reading Jus
tin, and Marcus Aurelius, who
lived in the First century A. D.
(long before 325 A.D. of the
Nicea Council fame), and Christianity w as an established
fact , m u c h talked about by
both. Justin was executed by
Marcus because Justin was a
Christian. The Christians were
termed 'fanatics' and troublemakers by the Romans. (I mean
the old pagans); and the Christians called the Roman gods
demons , and said they misled
men, pulling them down to
earth, deceiving them, etc. I
wouldn't be surprised if they
were doing it right now! There
are powerful evil spirits and
they lead great gangs both here
and on the lower planes of the
"God knows all, but He has
given us free will, so that we
may choose freely, good or
evil. Believe me there are
both. God does not want puppets for companions, but men
and women of intelligence,
love, compassion, and understanding. Actually, I do not
think He knows how individuals
are going to react, but as a
group -- creation -- He has a
7 pretty good idea of the percentage that are going to preI will be glad when preachers telman was parroting the undo branch out so they can have warranted slander against me
better understanding. I will which appeared in ABILITY some
be glad when all of them in- time ago,
vestigate the organization of "I welcome specific critiChristian Frontiers (I think cism; see no point in negative,
that' s the name of it -- maybe ignorant generalization." --
it is Spiritual Frontiers). Frank Sullivan, Farmington,
This organization is studying Mich. 0
and applying the knowledge of 0 0
'spiritual phenomena', healing, "`UNDER separate cover, you
and other aspects of the un- will receive my donation
known . Many top churchmen al- of Mahasiddha Satchitananda's
ready belong. Any sect is wel- master course (which I once
come and, already, most of the bought for $25). His philosowell-known churches are repre- phy has some merit. Within the
seated -- like the Episcopal, past 10 years, the miracle inMethodist, Presbyterian, etc. dustry caught on to the idea
A prediction: A new church that all you need is to wish
will be born some day that and the universe will give you
will be free of sectarianism. what you want. Unfortunately,
"I agree with your auditor- our i r r ational instinctive
ial this month (May). But I emotions of doubt, fear, f athink the man who wrote 'Level tigue, etc., cancel any conthe Hills' article may be scious affirmations.
right -- oh, so right! Here in "I find reason a more stable
Calif., they have been level- tool for mastery. As I told
ing the beautiful hills right you time and time again, the
and left. Making rocks and world is full of scoundrels.
sand and cement materials out Of. course you blame the beof them for highways and build- liever (!), but one has to beings. They fill the rivers with lieve before experience teachsewage -- and pretty soon they es otherwise...
will be level, too. The oceans "And now about the Christ
may be likewise if they don't frauds. A reader recently made
stop dumping in them. They hew (?) You publish the letter of
down the miles of beautiful Lentulus. There also exists a
trees that the old-timers plant- Josephus Flavius forgery coned along our highways to break cerning 'Jesus who was the
the winds and to shade the Christ'.
weary wayfarer, and to make "The L en tulus letter is
this country 10 v e ly to be- forged because there never was
holders. Houses are going up a Mr. or Mrs. Christ (in Juall over, like cracker boxes, dea). To call oneself Redeemear to ear. They level the er, Messiah, Christ, God, etc.
hills to build sub-divisions would have been treason against
and they tear out the orange Rome as well as blasphemy
an d walnut and other fruit against the Jewish priesthood.
groves. Man is the most de- According to the Gospel story,
structive 'varmint' on t h e Jesus admitted he was t h e
face of the earth... Messiah (for the first time,
fer the Devil to Him. (And you "Glory! After reading my clearly in public) before the
. can get technical about it and article in ABERREE (and fol- Sanhedrin and was quite logicall the devil, negative force lowing my advice) I lost 10 cally delivered to the author= or any nice name you please.) pounds." -- Rosalind John, Nor- ities a few hours afterward.
It's just like smoking cigar- co, calif. Remember that the Messiah was
ets -- people know they will get 0 0 o supposed to have the will and
Y heart trouble, maybe lung can-