Volume 11, Issue 4, page 18

stores scattered around the
countryside. The last year or
so, computer insides from obsolete but not really defunct
computers are becoming available. What I do with such stuff
is to tear it apart till not a
wire is hanging on to another
wire, and then painstakingly
reassemble transformers, resistors, capacitors, tube
sockets, etc., in a new configuration -- all of which takes
months and skinned knuckles
and busted tools and patience.
The 'vertical oscillator' in
most T-V sets is similar to
the tone-generators I am using
in this organ. I began the organ in September 1962 and finished the first unit in October 1963. Oh yes, I tore my
home-made E-meter to pieces
two years ago to reincarnate
its parts in one of my musical
instruments. " -- Ivor Darreg,
Los Angeles, Calif.