Volume 11, Issue 4, page 1

I We hope it isn't necessary to warn subscribers (and
book borrowers) that no prompt
reply to letters is to be expected from The ABERREE staff
for the first two weeks in
July, since the Ed. and his
efficient Sec., Wfe., Pub.,
Etc.,will be doing a "Trail of
Tears" (in reverse) as we go
marching to Georgia and the
C S A Wisdom Pool at Lakemont,
in which Arthur Burks has invited us to participate. Of
course, we're only going to be
able to get in on the tail-end,
inasmuch as we'll be mailing
this issue on June 30, and our
"instant chariot" isn't functioning at the moment. But, by
the time we arrive, everyone
attending should be so "wisdomed up" that they may welcome the "dichotomy " our brief
appearance should provide. Inasmuch as we're not too longwinded behind a lectern, we
probably will be only a momentary pause in the Seminar that
starts June 28 and lasts thru
June 5, so if there are any
thinking of leaving early to
avoid our brain-washing them
of their newly-acquired "wisdom", be reassured that there
is plenty of worthwhile material on the program -- including
" Tnvisihle Physician" who
told us the last time we talked
with him that he also wouldn't
be able to attend except for
the last few days -- and he says
this will be one of the rare
times when he will become visible -- at least, temporarily...

I The following weekend --
July 11 and 12 -- Mandah Love
has arranged for a special
"Meet-the-ABERREE" weekend, at
Love's Retreat, at which we
will get a chance to meet any
friends and/or subscribers who
want to see if we're as aberrated as our magazine indicates. Undoubtedly, there'll
be a few pros and cons of Scientology aired during these
two days -- and we promise to
take either side, or both, of
this world-shaking question.
Alberta Elliott, D. Scn., of
Greenville, S. Car., is doing
much of the promotional work
of this affair, and we suspect
her ingenious hand will have
some pleasant surprises ahead
for all attending, including
Ye Ed. and Pub. We'11 try to
tell you about it -- come September or October, depending

on the amount of work that accumulates during our pilgrimage...
"Louis" has asked us to
caution his fans that he'll be
traveling this summer, and not
in a position to answer his
mail real fast-like. So. if
you have a problem of immediate urgency -- such as a choking
cat you can hear bqt not find --
you'd better find some more
mundane solution to your tragedy, because Louis will be in
New York, Washington, and some
way-points. He also hinted he
might "even drop into Love's
Retreat", but he didn't say if
this was a social call, professional call, or if he had a
hankering to take part in a
Subud latihan. Other stops on
his tourinclude the Science of
Mind Church in Las Vegas. an
appearance with ft Euzene 11ii
yiz at the Washington Hotel in
Washington, and onto the Great
Northern in New York -- plus a
gander at the so-called "World
Fair" -- but he doesn't give any
dates for any of these visits.
Check your favorite astrologer
for times and places...
1 A couple years ago, we attended our first seance in Oklahoma City, and when a ghost
purporting to be "Mark Twain"
appeared and exchanged pleasantries with us, we wrote of
the incident a bit facetiously
in the succeeding ABERREE. W e
tried to leave the impression
that we weren't convinced -- and
since " Twain " promised to help
around the office some, and we
haven't noted any so-called
help from either physical or
astral beings -- we feel all except confirmed believers will
forgive us if we snort now and
then at the idea -- 1 However,
recently our friend Lee Lgc -
hart of Ely, Nev., sent us some
tapes, on which were lectures
b y A.L. . Kitselman a n d Mani?
Hafl, pluss a minutes of
some humor purporting to be
Mark Twain. We listened, and
the vo ice bore a remarkable
resemblance to the gravely
voice we'd heard at the seance
in Oklahoma City. Unwilling to
accept our memories, we took
the tape to Oklahoma City, and
had Charles Rhoades of the New
Age Center play it in comparison with the recording he'd
made of "Mark Twain's " appearante at the seance. The simil
ity remained -- and the humor
definitely had an affinity. ,So
we wrote Lee, asking: where'd
he get his Mark Twain record.
"The taped program was the actor Mark Holbrook acting as
Twain,. a dubbing from- the
record, 'Mark Twaia:Tonight,' "
Lee wrote in reply: "This fellow was a little nuts about
Twain, studied everything on
him for nine years finally got
a chance to put on a 15-minute
act in -a nite club,- was such a
success got sponsoring for an
entire theater with just him.
Was a smash hit for about a
solid year in N.Y. Believe you
see why from the tape. Uncanny
voice. However, it is NOT Sam
Clemens, unless he habitually
'took over' the actor -- and I
do not rule that out." So, now
that we've been knocked off
our certainties by a voice,
think what'd happen if we suddenly found a funny Auditorial
in our typewriter we didn't
write. We might even put: Mark 's
name in the "masthead " as assistant editor and declare a
conversion to Spiritualism. We
suspect, however, that no such
change is indicated, but we
repeat, our certainties have
been tottered...
i Some time in October -- we
suppose between the 1st and
31st, but don't take our word
for it, because we're not very
psychic -- there's to be a meeting in Tahlequah, Okla., of
persons interested in occult,
psychic, and metaphysical subjects. Jack Felts, its director, ca1T Tt-fie `'Great Gathering", and uses some inspiring words to describe the potentials of the event, but we
wish he could have found space
to add a couple more words to
give an exact date. However,
since the Editor has been asked
to be on the program, we guarantee we'll get some more specific information between now
and then -- and if it's a secret,
we also promise to whisper it
to each and all our readers.
After all, we'd hate to face
an audience scattered over 50
States, waiting for something
more definite than "in October, 1964" ...
i The A. MLA. has been so
successful in making tools of
the F.D.A., willthey be able
to enlist the State Dept. in a
campaign to protect their income? If so, we may expect to
hear any day that Tiajuana, in
Mexico, has been declared "off
limits" for Americans who have
cancer and haven't yet been
milked of their final farthing
-- if the following, reprinted
from The PSYCIC 41MMMMR , is
true: "The Drug Trost and American Medical ham. put the

F -.