Volume 11, Issue 4, page 15

(Send your questions direct to
LOUIS, 1411 E. Missouri, Phoenix.
Ariz., enclosing a stamped, selfaddressed envelope. For those who
wish personal replies, a minimum
contribution of $2.00 per question should be included.)
DEAR LOUIS -- In your excellent course in color you speak
of the body salts and how they
are set up according to the
astrological chart, but I've
lost my notes. Would you please
put these in The ABERREE ? I'ax
sure others would be interested. -- L. M., Portland, Ore.

DEAR L.M. -- According to the
zodiac, the 12 cell salts that
are the principal agents of
activity in the human are :
ARIES -- the ram, the brain
worker, uses up much of the
Potassium Phosphate w h i c h
nourishes the brain fluid and
produces the highest rate of
vibration in