Ghost goes "Saintly"; Blames Past Blunders To Editor of Aberree (continued)

THIS society!

"By the way, there is a place over in Oklahoma called Enid -- if you can imagine a town with such a name -- must have come from the Bible (8), anyway, in this burg (9) along about 207 North Washington, a dark dingy little alley (10) is door called THE DEVIL'S WORK SHOP, (11) and in this place you can get all sorts of letter work, such as threatening letters to your wife or the president, written, signed and mailed for you at a price (12) Also this is where you may obtain a copy or subscription to THE ABERREE. Phoenix had a cleanup campaign here a week or so ago, and cops raided all the blind tigers and other 'dens of iniquity' (13) so Mr. Devil Hart had to move back to Oklahoma where everyone remembers him as a very sweet and charming child of 1 1/2 months of age, that's about the time he left there! He has now gone back for the first time since he left there in a covered wagon with his folks for the gold rush in California in 1849...

"We promise, now with a good clean air, we will try to get it (The Ghost) back on a more 'saintly' level, like it was before its contamination with Satan..."

(There's a lot more, but if you want it all, write Capt. Dr. Rev. Editor Clem Johnson, D.D., B.Scn., Psycho-analyst -- or he will be as soon as he finds some pre-clears to miracle -- at 3521 East Camelback
to send you The GHOST. It
doesn't cost anything -- just
a letter once in awhile to
ease his loneliness --
and this is quite reasonable, even if the
price were double. We
like The GHOST; before
reading it, we didn't
know how much one could
get away with.)

But now to straighten up SOME of the confusion the preceding quotations may have left you in:

(1) -- We seen our duty and we done it. Somebody had to get out a Scientological news sheet.

(2) -- We weren't apathetic to being quoted; we were just particular about who quoted us.

(3) -- We'll agree we're antagonistic, but deny this is a change. There was a time, in 1952-1953, when Ron himself evaluated us at 4.0.

(We Can't Stop Now, See Page 7)

"In a dark dingy little alley is a door called The Devil's Work Shop."