Volume 11, Issue 4, page 11

L per It all will your help ep if rsona l l you lreasonson s on a
why yo pyo u u of
smoke and why you choose not to smoke. Put
down every conceivable reason, justification,
Physical and advantage to smoking, including making to, ï¢ ' bacco companies rich and committing slow suicide if you think it contributes to cancer.

Don't keep any excuse you can think of in your
E Y mind, put it down -- and read it back to youra Is Struggle self. If done sufficiently extravagantly, it
may eliminate 90 percent of the agony involved
in stopping the smoking habit.

By JOSEPH R. ZUBRIS Make another list of persons among your associates and acquaintances who smoke and those
MOKING is a habit, reinforced by body ac- who do not. Compare the lists and you will see
climatization chemically, desire emotion- at a glance preoisely the social compulsion to
ally, and social pressure -- which includes smoke or not to smoke, and the odds pro and
advertising by tobacco companies, empathy con. Give triple ratings to non-smokers who
with associates who smoke, and psychological preach against smoking and list them in the
gimmick patterns, smokers' column, not the non-smoker column.

Physically, all that is necessary to stop These are the psychological cowards who are so
smoking is DON'T. If you sweat this out hour- afraid of germs, dust, and dirt that if they
by-hour, day-by-day, in three days you will started smoking, they would be candidates for
pass the intense craving point. By the end of Tobacco Anonymous because they have a compulthe week, the body chemistry will be readjust- sion to stop what they dare not start to do.
ed and physically you are cured -- a non-smoker. Eliminate the fear of the effects of smokEmotionally, however, you still will have a ing. If you have smoked for years, that's in
struggle. A habitual desire is the hardest to
break the past. When you stop, the body readjusts or
, whether drinking, gambling, or wild
li repairs in accordance with your desire to live.
living. And yet it can be handled with a bit
of Finally, avoid such activities as Tobacco
intelligence. Anonymous, because like Alcoholics Anonymous,
If you wish to stop, do not advertise o r it works by substitution. Those who nearly
brag about your plans, or reject or curse to- drank themselves to death usually now smoke
bacco, o r justify to anyone why you wish to themselves t o death -- and fortunately can
stop smoking. Just stop, quietly and alone, earn a living better sucking on a cigaret than
and accept no help or sympathy. If you feel an on a bottle. It i s a victory, but there are
urge, follow thru the motion, put a cigaret, higher victories with less tension.
pipe, or cigar (whatever your vice) in your Don't fight it. It was your habit. You crepuffsmouth, -- and drag on then it put it cold and down. unlit
Do it not for laight couple
it, e ated it, and you can eliminate it by intelliContinual repetition of this will ease off the gent appraisal and mental decision.
muscular habit patterns of automatic LOWAN A J U LAI N E (CONTINUED
You gain ain victory by being decisive in n not com- FROM PAGE 11)
plating the habit by lighting up. You may get whether this deep mourning indicates her own
enough smell and taste of tobacco by puffing
cold to satisfy the subconscious pattern in- illness, or if it is the illness of another
volved. she will feel anguish over.

Use this with friends to avoid smoking. Do ï
not light up, but just pretend you forgot, or DREAM -- While standing on a roof with andecide not to smoke and return the cigaret to other young man I noticed .a large top balanced
the pack before some friend comes up and in- in the air. It was spinning so fast it seemed 1
sists on lighting it for you. This minimizes to be without motion. I wasn't afraid altho I
social pressure and allows you the psychologi- realized the top was trying to draw me to it.
cal gimmick of playing with a cigaret as a I resisted the forward pull by grabbing the 'conversational pause, or distraction gambit. edge of the roof and holding on tightly. The
Do not argue or get involved in long dis- top floated where it was for awhile, then moved
cussions about smoking. Your decision to stop away, slowly at first, gaining speed until it
is yours, personal and private, and if you do disappeared. I don't know if the colors are a
not discuss nor reveal your reasons, you will sifnificant or not, but the top was the only
not get emotional or churned up about it. thing with colors. The uppermost point was '
For some, it might help to take an opposite yellow, followed by bands of white, yellow,
tack -- proclaim your plans to quit and rant and red, white, yellow. -- V.P., Springfield, Ohio.
rave about it -- but the person who stops with- INTERPRETATION -- Being on the building indiout emotion will find it a lot easier and at- cates elevation of spiritual thoughts. Me
tracts less attention. About two months later person with you portrays someone who is aiding
you will find people surprised and shocked that You in obtaining this spirituality. The top in- W
you are not smoking and haven't been for the dicates danger to be faced. Someone is trying w
past couple months. I enjoy this latter trick, to draw you away from the direction you are
it really shakes people up. now traveling. When they learn that you are 134
Whatever you do, avoid non-smokers who con- holding steadfast to your present course they A4
demn smoking. This is quite apparent tocthose will leave you, but before doing so they will L*,7
who really take a good look at non-smokers who present their "way" as colorful and attractive pa
rant and rave about smoking. They hit you with as possible. Yes, the colors are important. In a
such an intensity that it amounts to a psycho- this dream the red stands for danger. The yellogical control pattern that is so invalidating low represents caution. Altho white is the al
that the only way you can push it off is to keep color of purification, it is also the color of
smoking, and even then, they have taken away destruction. To purify something, something is ''0
any pleasure you might get from the smoking also destroyed. In this case it is the mun- E"
habit. If you give in to them, you lose all dane, or what we term, "dense" matter of attiself-respect because they insist they have tude. The top tried to falsely tell you that
saved you, and no red-blooded American will their way was purification. Red and yellow
accept being saved from their own chosen vices. showed their falseness. 12