Volume 11, Issue 4, page 10

I do not believe your affliction, for many
years to come, will be worse than it is at the
end of this year.

DEAR SYLVIA -- May I go ahead with my plans
:a continue the experiment I have begun and
%.till m venture be successful? -- J.S., Ingle',cod, Calif.

DEAR S. -- It would have been better if you
had given the time you started your experiment
and something of its nature, but in any case.
the chart seems to indicate a successful outcome anda 'Go ahead' signal. The Moon and Ruler
of the Ascendant are coming into good aspect
with Pars Fortune and the planets Venus and
Jupiter are not cadent. Therefore, we may expect success to the venture. Mars, ruler of
the 10th house of hopes and wishes, has the
conjunction of the Sun. Further, two benefit
planets not only occupy this house but are in
close conjunction -- which is most favorable.
Something expected is about to materialize.