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=5/ " SEPTEMBER, 1957
' etl %ad.
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POLICY; Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infinite
not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxe
who offer to sell him what he already has.

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TO QUESTION for a moment that WHEN FICTION
GOD'S PLAN? God really i s AND FACT VIE?
"omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent", as accept when I
some so-called religious lead- began the met;
ers prate. We say "assume", be- Scientology was
cause if there were one priest so-called "thet
or preacher, representing any ena supposed to
one church, or sect, who really covered on the
believed the Deity of whom he For example, th
speaks had the qualifications trap posts", in
he orally attributes to Him, tan was allege;
he could hardly continue his post he himse
haranguing from a pulpit. and "glare figh
If one were to understand arity between
the meaning of the three wards the new proces
used in this description of accidental 1, in
God, could he longer go around tans tried to
with a long face, looking down down until one
his warty nose at anyone , or apathy; and the
anything? Could he everagain which was sup'
wrap his sanctimonious robes been a spiked
around his over-fed stomach the thetas was
and point with an accusing prisoned.
finger at this or that, call- These prov
ing it evil? reading -- and "
If God is all -- and we will was one of th
continue the assumption far thrown - together
enough to also include this -- Hubbard's orga
just where is God not? And duced. Some eve
what is He not? Does He reign t h e incidents
only in the tax-exempt cita- their own and th
dels of hypocrisy? or can He memory banks --
also be found in the lowliest students of pr.
homes? in the garbage dumps of that if you loc
a city? or in the swamps and for something,
wastelands? How can we say -- right where y
"God is all" -- yet campaign Hubbard, as
with fiery oratory for part of know , has a some,
that "all" to come into the able reputation
" fold" in which God "is" and fiction writer
in which a lot of God "isn't"? a gphys
Just who's kidding whom? of the writer
read a phrase the other fiction t tsr i
day which wasn't supposed to have a vivid,
be as broad as we're trying to hibited imagine
make it here, but we think it's Which we
a wonderful motto for all of at all , except
us -- even the preachers. from Fred Hand
"Who are we to judge the subject of prot
rightness or wrongness of Cod?" -- and the "who]
Since those who find fault brought up. The
with part of God also are part that it was sho
of God, maybe we'd better re- maestro had bee
read that phrase and apply it 'ted by Jack
to ourselves. coverer of "thE
Recusa Saturn
c S s gl a n o i n i ; Wo 1 o N
nt Voice of "The nitosis 1 End "the Weeper"(clam
a" for Earth, Man, stage of development ) that some
, Pluto, Venus, and If these "bttgaboo8" on the parokuroauskehen. all el genetic and theta lines
got mocked up.

Maybe, if we accept some of
ruary and July- ScientologY with the same grain
, u• S• A.
of salt that we accept much of
U.S.A. the science- fiction available
e copies, 25e on the stands, we won't get so
Postoffice hepped up over what appears
D. Scn., P. Scn.. inconsistent and non-compatible with reason and logic. And
r, maybe there are those who will
ness of Man is risk wrath from the higher
s, or ;ezperta echelons of Scientology to do
from issue to some independent research on
the subject and find out just
is own and only where some of these "phenomena" correlate with fact and
e s0 days prior fiction.

However, we doubt if it's
any worse to send a pre-clear
One of the
most difficult ., back into a past antedating
even his mitosis to pick up a
things for Dia, "nip or a~~ blanketing" or a
netici s t s to "borrowing than to tell him
to "be in the sun", or "be in
IBDTA Hubbard „ "be three
morphosis to the moon" or even some of the feet behind your head”. It's
something like the childhood
a trap., ave been phenols dis- game of "pussy wants a corner".
"whole track".
ere were "theta ARE WE DEAD? With more
which the the- OR IS THIS A than 60,000,000
ly drawn to a MILITARY GAG? American citilf magnetized; tens "killed"
ts" (any simil- (on paper) in the latest natthis and one of tonal war game -- and most pop•
as is allegedly ulous areas destroyed -- natives
which two the. should get the idea that it's
are each other better to face unborn monsters
was driven into for children, slow -killing
"iron maiden", bone cancer from radiation,
osed to have and a general sickening of the
shell in which Planet than to be unprepared
drawn and im- for such a devastation as was
mocked up in the name of Civil
ed interesting Defense early in July.
!hat to Audit" Not that our Civil Defense
e best selling caesars would stoop to such a
books that low form of fear propaganda to
ization pro- make the nation's air safe for
tried to find contamination by the military
described in morons who can see no reason
sir pre-clears' for not testing A- and H-bombs,
and, of course, as long as they can manufacychology know ture excuses for gulping down
k hard enough the lion's share of a huge
you'll find it national budget.
u put it. Once upon a time, only litmany readers tie girls played with dolls --
hat more prov- and the little boys played war
as a science with their tri - cornered paper
than he has as hats and swords of lath. "Boom!"
cist -- and one we said, "You're dead", and
-trade of the the "enemy" went along with
s that he must your dictate if you, in turn,
somewhat min- would play dead when he said
ion . "boom!" first. Now. adults can
uldn't mention play these childish games and
in a letter escape the "booby hatch" with
ast month , the full governmental approval . In
ns and photons fact , there were instances
e track" -- was where those who could see no
n, we recalled reason for joining in these
rtly after the psychoses are discovering who's
n heavily aud- boss from behind the bars of
onmacher, jail cells.