Volume 5, Issue 1, page 4

By "THE RADIANT ONE" Thru JACOB ISAAC APSEL Mar. 21 to June 20, 1958
PRING rains, violent thunder and
S electrical storms, causing floods
thruout the States and foreign countries. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and
fires of all kinds. Summer will bring
much of the same as for spring -- except
that the heat will cause deaths and suffocations violent and horrible.

Uprisings in schools and factories;
also in science laboratories.

Many aircraft accidents, directly attributable to inefficiency in maintenance and repair.

There will be an increase in explosions from divergent causes.

An increase in the death rate will result from afflictions of epidemic proportions.

Car, railroad, and truck accidents
will grow in number and material destruction. Catastrophies will increase on the
high seas.

Results of the second
UNITED STATES meeting of the 85th congress: a wholesale overhauling of American objectives; a reshaping rather than a turnabout of policies
and goals long aimed at. Also, a new way
of thinking in legislative circles exemplifying the relative newness of the
problems that will have to be grappled at
the very outset.

At this writing (day after successful
launching of a 30-pound satellite), the
armed forces, Capitol Hill, Congress,
Dulles, and President Eisenhower all vie
with one another for the solution of how
to regain world prestige. I use the word
"regain", meaning to recover, get back,
reach again. Former Under-secretary of
State Sumner Welles many years ago pointed out that we have not made an original
move in many moons; all we do is make
counter-moves. We first look at what Russiaor some other nation is doing and then
make a counter-move. We have not lost
world leadership with the launching of
sputnik; sputnik has merely brought this
fact to us with great impact.

Many in high social circles will pass
on to the Heaven World.

Rising food prices can be expected due
to upheavals causing crop failures. Unemployment will continue to rise even in
March, causing many suicides, burglaries,
and murders. Floods and earthquakes will
continue to plague us. Strikes will be
widespread thruout the nation; cabs, buses, railroads, airlines, city transportation, even ambulances will be affected.

America's inflationary problem will
grow worse. Raising of the national debt
to 280 billion can be blamed in a great
measure for this. It is like adding water
to the soup. The value is diluted.

There will be a clamor for cash programs of the blank check type in an allout effort to match missiles with muscle.
Unless some unforeseen chain of fortuitous
circumstances changes the situation, there
will be no sizable satellite launched by
the U.S.A. in 1958. Let me here explain
why prognostication is never positive.
The All-high God, our Creator, never interferes with the mind He gave man, thus
a chain of action and reaction may move
things to an uncontemplated tangent,
bringing about unanticipated results.

Sickness of epidemic proportions will
spare neither man, woman, nor child. In
addition, there will be an affliction of
the scalp of a contagious nature that
will hit children and 'teenagers. Younger
children will suffer most. School nurses
will notice this first. It will be a
breaking out of cuts on the scalp, spread
by water in swimming pools. Old fashioned
glycerine soap will be very effective
against it.

This government shall continue
RUSSIA to develop at its present rate of
progress, but there shall be failures and skulduggery in official circles.

There will be a heightening of censorship; also some deliberate trickery in
the sharing of scientific information
amongst the international Communist party
participants and economic fronts.

Agriculture will suffer much in USSR.

Expect the death of more than one government leader in 1958.

The current U.S. attitude toward Russia's peace overtures and disarmament
talks nettles the Kremlin leaders greatly. The power struggle in the Kremlin is
still a great factor. Kruschev's crown is
not at all firmly set upon his head.
There is a great possibility that the
present "strong man" will be displaced in
1958 and it will be the shades of Stalin
which will undermine him.

Russia launches the earth satellites
primarily as a warning to the capitalistic world that its weight will be felt
wherever social-political-economic unrest arises.

There is a ph as e of
GREAT BRITAIN tension and bitterness in
industry. This is the beginning of an economic crisis running at
least to mid-year. Students will score
government instability. There will be
considerable fiscal trouble causing sudden changes affecting the administration,
and resulting in new elections.

Two evils are threatening at the same
time -- inflation and increasing unemployment. Considerable slowdown of shipping,
4 The ABERREE -- -- APRIL, 1958