Volume 4, Issue 5, page 4

Scientology Helps Psychometrist
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IKE A LOT of other Scientologists. my
perceptics didn't just suddenly open
up as soon as I stepped inside a
Scientology class. No, my perceptics
had been working well for something
like 28 years, but auditing cleared
out a lot of debris that tended to color
what I looked at, and enabled me to get
my "seeing" away from my own aberrations.

I discovered right in the beginning
that all life -- anything with intelligence
-- wanted to communicate.

It came to me as something of a shock,
years ago, this urge of the tiniest form
of life to the grandest centers of intelligence -- all being willing and eager to
tell about themselves. I found that
stones, minerals, all kinds of inanimate
things, had radiated their own Beingness
constantly from their own centers of intelligence, and that this formed into the
mold of the form of that thing and the
record stayed there. This is called "remanence", but the present forms seem to
wish to let anything which is willing to
"tune in" on them, "know" them.

I found that when life had a form,
this remanence could be picked up readily
and examined, regardless of when it lived.
All that was needed was to have someone
put my attention on that idea or area and
I could read this -- such as how a pebble
feels about the ocean waves surging back
and forth over it.

Looking further, I found that people
were always and forever putting out new
forms filled with their Beingness, and
that this is what we call "future". These
energy forms were being built up, torn
down partly or entirely, but usually left
standing as first built -- and they, too,
could be read.

This was why any person who wrote me a
letter -- if they put themselves, their
BEingness, into it -- established communication lines right "out" to their "future" pattern. If questions were asked
about some part of that future, I could
look at that future and give them answers.

I have been checking my answers for
more than 20 years, and have found that
I could deliver 85 to 95 percent true
readings of those futures by following
communication lines, and centering attention on the synchronized future.

Generally speaking, there is enough
agreement in MEST (Matter-energy-spacetime) and between minds in MEST agreement
to make a form that gets real solid, a
complete and vital energy pattern that
stays put.

Early in the game, I found a mechanism
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