Volume 4, Issue 5, page 14

Forerunners of Totality -- Bacon
thoughts, your own beingness, your own
emotions, and of the efforts and activities your body goes thru, what are the
conclusions on which you operate?
Your body is a very elaborate affair
of past conclusions. It is a spirit, a
genetic entity, being bombarded constantly
and in conflict with the physical universe. It has come to certain conclusions
that represent survival and it is a recording of these past conclusions. So
your body is a mass of survival conclusions -- certainties of great impact. shock,
pain, and death -- and it has developed itself so that it can live around and with
these. If you focus your attention entirely upon the body,- you automatically
become involved in past conclusions because the body is made out of them. If
you focus your attention on other people
too much, you will automatically become
fixed and operate from their conclusions.

It is almost a survival necessity, if
you are going to survive wonderfully well,
that you become aware that you, as total
awareness, the real spiritual you, can
make your own conclusions right now -- and
you can re-evaluate and revise your old
ones and examine them.

Actually, this is what processing is --
examining your old conclusions and seeing
how you really operate -- what you are
really doing.
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