Volume 4, Issue 5, page 8

parents in order to survive because your
body is small, The spirit has agreed not
to be able to handle it, so your parents
assume control of your physical body and
they move it around. This physical moving
around of the body immediately begins to
cause doubt in the spirit because he has
to depend on someone else to do this.

The game of life as we live it today
is automatically rigged so that doubt is
real heavy. If you are a salesman, there
is always the problem of whether you're
going to sell, or whether you doubt that
you can sell or you're certain you can
sell. A singer is sometimes in doubt as
to whether she can hit the high notes;
when she has certainty, she is successful.

What Bacon was saying is that when you
start with doubts, you suspect everything
and you examine what certainties you can
have about this doubt. This is a trick
that is very true in relation to the actual physical games we are playing. If you
doubted things long enough, you eventually would wind up in the certainties.
But the certainties you would wind up
with in this universe are not very
pleasant -- they are impacts.
"If a man will begin with certainties,
he shall end in doubt." This sounds like
crazy doubletalk, but what he meant, apparently, is that you should examine
things very thoroly and not believe everything everybody tells you. People have
examined this down thru the years, and it
has contributed to their doubts as to
what he really meant.

Doubt is a very destructive thing. It
is actually a vibration pattern, and if
you just stood in front of somebody and
said "I doubt it", you would drive him
down into apathy; if you kept it up, you
could spin him