Volume 4, Issue 5, page 18

condemn in thy fellow crea- is swindling
tires were once thine and if feel thus abo
thou shalt condemn the doer, Faith-healing
they may become thine own Oral Roberts
again. That which thou art " Walshes a
capable of judging, thou art time than last
not past the danger of commit- a case (toget
ting' Isn't this a wonderful league) this
truth in this statement? I have Dianetics alm
seen this same truth about person; non.di
SEEING the evil as GOOD brought ling was too
out by some others to whom it processing wip
was revealed in another man- matic expert
ner. God uses different ways somatics in
and illustrations to bring out minutes by t
truth, but all leading to one out what happ
goal." -- Ruth Lang, Wausau,Wjs. tionaI d i s c
(ED. NOTE -- Might not the with relieving
quote from Phylos's book be It occurs aft
interpreted also, to read: If think this is
man sees evil in the actions regard Totali
of another, he is CREATING the unique in psy
evil he sees -- and what he has powerful, eff
created, he has made avail- use -- and painl
able for his own use. Our only fast. To me,
disagreement, Ruth, seems to case' is a per
be as to whether we are set- to hear what
ting God up "separate" from can answer ba
part of His "All " to manipu- mostly: with
late it in opposing forces -- a untrained de
sort of chess game in which noiacs, and mo
one player operates alternate- easily counse
ly both sets of chessmen -- and could report
"kids" himself that he's hav- me...
ing a game,)
"I liked the July-August lousy ouija
issue. I was at the Washington the best I co
Congress. From the available was some fool
evidence, people do exterior- it was a ghost,
ize. At least, they claim to." drivel , a n d
-- G. Elwert, N. Asian Beach , nearly as wel
Fla. the other hand
"Thanks for the clever nese Book of Ch
writeup on mY booklet , and the and all that )
oodles of space you gave it , 10 ... maybe
Proves you read it, too.., prove Maybe I
"Have long wondered about prove of RGn
you and how you came by the ..LuNDBERG...
name. ABERREE, and why this I am a man , a
magazine is so DIFFERENT. I aan.What's a
love it, of course...But it is a months coil
all clear now, thanks to Irene 9 months finng
T. Delaney (p. 171 . YOU LOST is. robabllyabing
FACE! probably be
"But even with a bl ank face , verbalized. vo bd Th
I'll always love you." -- Mary with things.
Elsnau, Prescott, Ariz.
"Wish you wouldn't join the SYNE
throng and call 'do-badders'
'do-gooders'. They don't do GROUP TRACK]
good. It propagates the im- is the amp]
pression that it's bad to do
good. Since there's also the SYNERGETICS:
concept that it's bad to do is the tecfi
bad, all that's left is that Mid- A- M
it's good to do nothing... Of work .
several writers in this (JulyAugust) issue who comment on Operation T
this point, I agree with the teamwork . .

Coulterian, Lundberg, who says Schedule 'A'
do what you can..I get it your
point in the editorial is that Director Act
you are angry that these peo- of
ple make a fat living on the SAT
death and misfortunes of oth- YY
ers, while doing nothing act- 30 1
ually heloful themselves -- that
a s g eh e ec c d o u y in o n Mar
the people. I ted to empathy, is a necessary
ut the Spiritual condition for complete companevangel ists like ionship . (ED. NOTE