Volume 4, Issue 5, page 20

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On a hot,
sticky July evening in a hot, An artery
sticky room, a group of people The ancients
from all over the country as- ies in the bo
sembled. ManY of us were total cause they th
strangers to one another. We carried air.
introduced ourselves, and the
Second Synergetic Workshop got can get tog
underway, and develop
The first order of business in so short
was the weather. So we changed there must be
it. Then we organized the derful about
Workshop. A t a Synergetic ature who call
workshop, everybody works. We This Works
do it both in teams of two or far the most
three (teamwork) and in groups ure of this
of four to six (group track- of the first,
ingl. Schedule B, of course, high spots.
provided the basis for team- from Don Pure(
work, but each team was free disappointmen
to use the work method best able to come
for it. panel discus!
A Synergetic Workshop is an openings" b
amazing experience. At first, Young, Beth
there is some apprehension , Buchan.
mixed with a bit of confusion. An unusual
Then, something happens. In feature was
varying degrees, in different duced by Mary
ways, a wonderful spirit emer- draw a name
ges, takes hold, and grows. To shop member.
me, it is incredible the way a meeting, we
group of comparative strangers that member
was a lot of
,~ aotNBee learned a tot
Nails -- from the other.
8-8008 lectures Last but
oat Scientology, tion Stab 1
L. fgivenbbard. $3 (Somehow this
CLINICAL COURSE the nickname
Holes -- from one Operation Sta
of the advanced SOT to Project
training lecture signed to e
series 84 individual, w
THe TfI0EfI41E 0? technical kno
?0~ L. getics, to s
Heman synergic mode.

SCRUB 01103. 33D- time in hum
page cloth-sound gic individu
novel by grata produced in n
Hart $1 I believe
Back Issues of everyone when
The ABBU shop was one
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em. a =-oet., les, derful expert
Volume II lives.

No. 3-June, 1955 Members we
No. h-dul.. 55
No. 5- -Soot.. 1 less ton, Robert B
NO. 6 -- Oct., lass
Ho.7-.geo„ fass mont, Beth Bol
Na.8 -- oec,, W35 Edgar Cole, A
No. a -- -sS6
ne.IO -- ma.rme Is losa and paul cox,
*only law left. Jerrold Hedi
All tissues lmlo Fred Hibbard,
Price- - 3kk each Margaret Mead(
1 e ABERREE Rogers , Abert
P.O,Box 528 -- Enid, Okla. era, Clara Vit

Wooto n an u t n h
P FR I ERMAN modern medic, "everyone now
ubt, there can be knows they carry blood." And,
• what does the blood carry?
now. That star
us. Are You Playing

s just air. (jja
• eGl.l_
mbs a peak to get
i qued .

is a windpipe. XI
called the arterdy "arteries" be- a A ar.11MD
ought the arteries l/n "Ha," laughs the
seo high a anra rapppor rt , 12
a time. Truly,
something wonthis strange cres himself Man. TO WIN? OR LOSE?
hop spirit was by
outstanding featrkshop, as it was W. Len Hamilton, D.D.,
There were other D. Scn., who conducts
One was a tape the most successful
ll , who to the Guidance Center in New
t of all was un- England, if not the Na. Another "case a tion, has just published
ion on c a s e
' Mary Cox, Jim
Bolling, and pat "YOUR LIFE AND
and enjoyable SCIENTOLOGY"
a "game" introCox. Each of us a small , 52-page bookf another work- let giving the trans Then , at our last criptions of four of Dr.
each introduced Hamilton's public lec the group. It tures, plus a one- hour
fun, and we also Group Processing Sea about one an- sion . These lectures
not least, opera- are selected to demone was launched. strate to you how KU
quickly acquired may WIN THIS GME
of "Hercules '%) CALLED LIFE.
)le, the succesNucleus, is de- Chapter headings :
able an average
i t h o u t prior OLD AGE and Scientology
wledge of Syner- YOUR ENERGY and Scientology
For the first and Scientology
history, syner- YOUR REACTION TIME and Scials will now be entology
hat I speak for "Len's lectures are on a
I say: The Work- good beam, and clear " --
of the most won- writes an advanced student
ences in our of Scientology fran South
re: Perry Appleeard, David Beau1 Price: $1.00
ing,Pat Buchan rt Coulter, Mary (When you order, please men Fred Geraghty, tiun The ABERREE.I
, Barbara and SCIENTOLOGY
Malcolm Hoover,
Nichols , Donald
rader, Bee Trav- 105 Hampden Street
arius, and James Indian Orchard ,Mass.