Volume 4, Issue 5, page 3

Own Failures "Baffle" Doctors
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BSERVATIC and eanceerience
prove that
the significxpof the Time-Space
element is not the same for the cells
of the body nor for the subjective
phase of mind as it is for the objective phase of mind, limited by
five faulty senses in the case of the
common man, and seven in the case of the

Me functions of the body and cells
show that the subjective perceives the
remote as well as the near, the future as
well as the present. The teleolbgical
correlation of organic processes is evident.

Body functions reveal the presence of
the power prevision and provision, because of,wh'ich the body may rise superior
to heredity, as well as environment, until it meets and masters the conditions
of a progressive or -an established achievement.

Prevision enables the subjective to
visualize and realize the ultimate effect
of harmful habits and substances, and
guard against these by vigorous reaction,
yielding thru the Law of Adjustment only
when primary reactions are disregarded.

This line takes us into the field of
good and bad health and the entire field
of medical art.

As the body struggles against the dangerous effects of harmful habits and
harmful substances which enter it and are
put into it, painful symptoms arise.

These symptoms the doctors are trained
to group together, give them names (diagnosis), and call them "diseases" that may
kill the patient if not treated and
"cured" according to medical conceptions.

Medical art may be ignorant of how
"immunizing poisons" affect the body. They
weaken the body by dulling the nerves,
which decreases vitality, rendering the
body incompetent to react "acutely" to
the damaging poisons.

The "immunized" body is now too weak
to eliminate these poisons in that natural reaction called "acute disease". And
so, the "acute disease" has been conquered and medical art has won another
victory in its "war on disease".

But what are the facts about which the
deceived masses know nothing?
These poisons now remain in the "immunized", weakened body, and corrode the
vital organs. The effects of this appear
as chronic disorders that "baffle medical

Johnny does not come down with measles,
mumps, or chicken-pox at the age of six,
anti thus eliminate the damaging poisons,
because medical art has "conquered" these
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simple children's diseases. So, the poisons remain in the body, and johnny dies
o,f cancer or diabetes at 35 or 40.

Medical art admits the chronic disorders are increasing, but claims it is because people are living longer. This is
another medical falsehood.

Provision is the power of selective
adaptation, which is operative in both
the objective and subjective departments
of the body.

Adaptation involves selection, and
this power places the body on the plane
of Mind.

The ultimate act of Mind is the appropriation or rejection of the materials
available, which act implies the qualities of consciousness, intelligence,
reason, sensation, and volition.

The facts show the living organism is
self-conserving in the highest degree.
There is reason and purpose in all of its
structures and functions, and these are
designed to accomplish specific results
and definite ends.

The human body, as a machine, is perfect. It contains within itself no marks
by which doctors can possibly predict its

Natural science shows that organized
bodies exist as such by virtue of a final
cause; that purpose alone rules supreme
as the law governing all organized nature;
and that in organized bodies nothing is
in vain.

Not to know the purpose of the law
does not subvert the facts, nor make necessary or legitimate any procedure contrary to the facts -- such as giving poisons, called medicine, to the sick that
would never be given to the well, under
the absurd theory that these poisons are
beneficial to the sick, but detrimental
to the well.

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