Volume 4, Issue 5, page 12

our expedition. The only punishment which
awaits those who violate the laws of love
and evolution is failure to evolve, delay
in reaching the goal, which at best is
difficult and probably distant for most
of us.

We still have a great deal to learn
about all this, Many of the Dynamo's
teachings remain enigmatic to us. We will
have to grow into understanding of them.

One of the most interesting concepts
he has presented to us is the "Undulant
Pool", of which all living creatures seem
to partake in proportion to their development. Perhaps this is "Universal Mind".
It seems to be tied up mysteriously with
beauty and love in nature. He first elaborated on the idea on June 17, 1953:
The weight of the feather, the hue of the
The color of sunshine, the wind and the
Defy all the sages, the artistic rages,
The genius of science and history's pages.
The cup of the villain, the virgin, the
Are filled to the brim from the Undulant

The high born, the low, drink the cup and
they know
That its magic depends on their wisdom
and tether.

So the beauties of nature, the clever
inventions of life, like the feather for
flight, the odor of the flower, etc., are
the creations of a universal mind(?).
"Music in the soul of him who hears
it," said the Dynamo. For the individual,
beauty and love exist in accordance with
the degree of personal attunement.

I have a tentative theory that the Undulant Pool is the Mind Stuff of the universe which we mold to good, bad, and indifferent uses by our visualizations and

Our emotional life, as exemplified in
the astral body which is modified by the
"wisdom and tether" (self-discipline) we
acquire, constitutes a control factor
over the gateway to this universal Mind.

We all sit upon, as it were, a small
part of the surface of this great Undulant Pool. If we are enturbulated, and at
war with ourselves, the surface is disturbed with wind and wave: we cannot then
see below the surface, and we partake not
of the universal bounty.

Clara and I have experimented with
previsional dreams for many years. This
was the first proof I had that I was not,
as the materialists contend, a chemical
accident, an epiphenomenon of matter.

Anyone who will develop the ability to
remember dreams will prove to himself
that we often get glimpses of a future
that is not the result of our own intent,
but the resultant of a multitude of forces entirely outside of the range of our
influence and normal perception. The
value of this is the lesson it teaches.
The Dynamo has discouraged us from such
experiments, however. They tend to become
an escape from the problems of development, from the struggles of life with
their attendant lessons.

Early in June, 1953, Clara had one of
these truth-telling dreams. The dream:
She entered a large house on a hill, an
old and slightly dilapidated house. My
Dad, who had been out of the physical
body for six years, met her in the hallway. He led her up a stairway and into a
room on the second floor. There she saw
my mother fast asleep. Dad motioned for
silence. "Let her rest," he said. "She
will awaken soon."
At the time my mother was in good
health, as far as anyone knew. I interpreted the dream to mean that she was not
to live long, but would pass out of the
body to join Dad in a short time. This
disturbed me, as such things will, and I
somewhat unjustly blamed Clara for telling me the dream.

My records show that I was called to
make a trip home on account of a sudden
illness of Mother just three weeks after
this dream. And, altho she lived several
months after, it was this lingering illness that took her from us.

The evening following the incident of
the dream, Dynamo gave us this message:
i. Bright stars reflected in the lake
2. A multitude of starlets make.
3. When breezes blow the clouds away,
q. They bridge the gap in shadow Play.
5~. The ripPlang waves in playful minute
6. Golden bridge with starlight in it.
7. Shadow on the bridge of gold,
8. Silhouette in lover's mold.
9. Boat and boaters passing fancy,
io. Hide the jaded necromancy.

The first two lines indicate that when
we have not leveled the waves, our psychic
impressions as reflected in the Undulant
Pool are distorted by the surface disturbances.

Lines three and four indicate that our
conscious or unconscious predispositions
cause us to misinterpret our glimpses of
the stars (future).

Lines five and six say there really
was a moment of psychic vision caused by
a chance surface condition of the lake,
or Pool. But the "shadow on the bridge of
gold" was my unfavorable reaction to the
message. Boat and boaters -- crossers of
the River Styx -- those who have made or
are about to make the transition of death.
"Conceal this tired necromancy" advises
the Dynamo.

Clara had a different interpretation
than mine to the dream, but it seemed
mine was the correct version.

Let us close this brief outline with
one of the Dynamo's "word mandalas". In
the East there are pictorial symbols of
the individuated state, usually comprising a circle for the self, a square