Volume 4, Issue 5, page 9

00K AT A star. Close your eyes. The
star is still there. Not where y o
saw it, but wherever and whenever it
actually is. It is also behind you
lids. It may be called an afterimage. Is it any the less real? Or d
you, closing your eyes, in some fashion
visit the star? Possibly you do not,
automatically, but in your imagination
your imaging - forth, infinity itself i
not denied you. Where you wish to go
there are you. It is the only instantaneous transmission. Not even spirit travels
faster, for spirit also thinks of a plat
to be there. But your imaging-forth is an
act of spirit, not of flesh, for the
goes nowhere, and the imaging-forth
can be done even when flesh is not present -- at which point the imaging-forth becomes only instantaneous transmission.

Experiment with closing the eyes -- as
most people do when they pray. Don't wonder whence came the habit of praying with
the eyes shut. There is a very good,
ancient reason for it: To shut out the
world of man, of Nature, of the Father's
Reflections, to regain the world of the
Father Himself. When we close our eyes
and pray -- if we pray with hearts and