Volume 7, Issue 9, page 17

and not bite -- in which case of the recent letters of andi- aren't Catholics Christians?),
one would be sucking blood un- viduals that are very much on but there is no reliable nor
less one pull back the wagging the animal plane -- so, if we tangible evidence to support
tongue. Paolo has read a lit- choose to be animals, let's these written records'.
tle of my teachings, and quite Iet each one play this game as "There is a difference. The
often people feel they get a he chooses. After alI, it is Rosicrucians are an organizasynoptic vision of it all thus. his gold he is wasting. As I tion that is 3500 years old
Yes, the main principle of Vi- have said before, there is one and they have a written histarianism is the return to the solution to all this -- the use tory dating back 3,000 years.
pre-puberty state of youth of s bit of intelligence." -- Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist
where no ordinary seminal or "Louis". and Jesus were all members of
menstrual excesses are lost -- 4 4 4 the E s renes, which was the
but the point is not just los- ''He (Col. Arthur Burks) was Galilean branch of whatever
ing semen or menses or the treating me for torn ligaments the Rosicrucians called themloss of seed and egg by humans in a very painful knee. He oh! selves at that time. The Esto maintain youth because the so patiently and kindly deter- senes kept a record of the life
more wasting that goes on the mined to prevent the doctors' of Jesus, which was later
quicker the losses may stop or prophecy of lameness... The transferred to h eadquarters
cease by menopause or impoten- healing is perfect...
" I'm enclosing one of my and has been kept down to the
cy. Nature remedies even exrhymes. Perhaps not the best resent day.
ceases... As long as seed-sub- but the shortest. As you know "Since the Catholic Church
stance, which is human seed- I't not a writer bu these are originated at the Council of
making material, is taken in Nicea in 320 A.D., any records
the body, it is also being my thoughts and mine alone... they have would have to be
used whether for reproductive If you can use them please do some they obtained on second
functions, rearing young, or so... hand reports. The Protestants,
simple pathological losses of "Out of the dark blue ether, being an offshoot of the Cathexcess involuntarily... On a worlds blaze olic Church and originating at
heavy seed diet, the human seed Drops of brilliant white fire, a still later date, would be
may so crowd the organs that Controlling secrets in their in a still less advantageous
one feels days on end as if To wmaze
hich no scientist may as- position.
one were hit in the genitals. "As to there being no 'tanMorris Katzen has never ex- Thepire
mesmeric light of a full gible evidence' to support
perienced such pathology and these written records, I might
thus can mercilessly condemn Bri goncharm for man at night. ask, what would you call 'tanlosses by masturbation or sex Sing y
e bards and lovers croon gible evidence'? A written recindulgence. Some men have very ord is either true or untrue.
little sex potency -- may never For love and freedom's light. "I see Volney Mathison, in
have nocturnal losses without Uriel -- Archangels of Peace, his book, 'Thru Mighty Temple
any mystical philosophy con- Orion -- Elohim of Love, Doors', has debunked everynected -- but this makes them no Are watching to release thing -- past, present, and probmore holier -- but lower if they Their strong help from above. able future, but offers an aluse it as a motive for degrad- The Angelic Host awaits a sign ternative method -- for a price.
ing others...Today humans feed For man to bury the rod, "I would like to commend
on same diet as given to And his brotherhood to align Lowana Julaine on her 'The
chickens to produce most eggs, With the messengers from God." Easy-Way to Psychic Developmostly grains, so they become -- Ibis Brant, Alloway, A. J. ment'. Series of articles like
egg and seed factories, losing "I would say this Rev. Don- hers, those of Arthur Burks,
the aesthetic and ecstatic al"In may think he knows the and Wayne Trubshaw are what
spiritual powers in sex.'' -- J. help to keep me subscribing to
Lovesisdoa, Otavalo, Ecuador. Bible. But seems he forgot The ABERREE. By the way, how
4 4 4 that this earth is much older come Wayne Trubahaw isn'twrit"Since The ABERREE has than ashequotes, 6,000 years. ing in The ABERREE any more?
somewhat turned into a minor And what happened to the pew- (ED. NOTE -- We'd like an answer
version of sexology, it is pie who lived a million years to that question, too.)
about time a bit of truth is ago, or even 5,000 years ago, "I could write a book tellinjected into the whole pat- who certainly did not know ing off the Pentecostal preachtern. about Jesus who was supposed er, Rev. James L. Donaldson,
"First of all, let's be to have been born less than but since you, Mr. Hart, have
realistic; mankind is using 2,000 years ago? Someone's done it so aptly and completely
sex as his playtoy and delud- teaching is all wet. So there and in a few words at that, I
ing himself as to the purpose is no wonder nothing happens. see no reason for adding anyof same. There is but one and "Jesus said, The works I do thing." -- Russell P. Jones,
only one purpose to the sexual ye shall do also, providing you Ramona, calif.
relationship between man and follow my teachings. Yet where 4 4
woman, and that is reproduc- are those ministers' works? As "Cheers for that December
tion. Mankind has something of the works you shall know ABERREE cover. It was terrifprecious and he is throwing them, as of the fruit you shall ic. If only humans could say
this away -- does it really mat- know the tree. Yes, we have with words what pictures porter how this is done? Waste is windjammers in words but they tray! " -- Belen Shaffer, Yonkers,
waste, regardless of other fail in deed and action." -- 1.y.
circumstances. C. C. Grenz, Toledo, Ohio. (ED. NOTE