Volume 7, Issue 9, page 6

at the door. As you develop, you will notice that each person will "give off " a
different rate of vibrations, or as it is
more often called, a different pattern of
vibrational rates. This, combined with
their thought waves, will enable you to
know who is at the door before you open
it. If you are persistent enough, it will
develop to the extent that you will know
before they even get close enough to touch
the door.

Have you ever noticed how the hackles
of a dog will rise before there is anyone
in sight? You will get this same "creepy "
feeling along your spine. That is because
the thought waves cover a greater distance than do the auric vibrations.

This "creepy" feeling has saved the
lives of many service men while they were
in battle. And under pressure they have
often either knowingly or subconsciously
developed this ability to the point where
they could tell exactly where the enemy

There is absolutely nothing " supernatural" about this. It was a natural desire
for self-preservation. Yet this is the
same principle you will use. But not under
pressure. You will know what you are doing and be able to control it. With this
ability, you will not have to wonder if a
person is a friend or not; you will know.

Have you ever noticed how a dog can
tell if you are afraid of it or not? Or
noticed how animals will flock around
persons who really love animals? Young
children have this ability more so than
most adults. It is hard to "fool" a child
with kisses and candy.

I want you to understand here that in
this exercise you are extending a part of
your psychic self or astral self. In the
next lesson, you will extend only thought
"Sensing" who is at the door is done
by contacting their vibrations with your
vibrations. With telepathy you merely send
out thought waves -- not an actual part of
your physical, astral, or psychical being.

This can be seen with the psychic eye.
Thoughts cannot be seen, only felt, even
tho they also have vibrations. When you
combine these two you have the beginning
of telepathy, whereby you will eventually
learn to master the technique of sending
"words" into the minds of whomever you want
to contact telepathically.

You can develop a degree of telepathy
without mastering this exercise. What you
will accomplish then is the reading of
emotions and personality. This is good,
but for those who want true telepathy, I
would advise them to practice and keep on
practicing -- but still, DON'T FORCE. Relax
and take it easy.

There are many telepaths in the world and
every one of them is dedicated to helping the
sincere "searchers '% Eventually one of them
will contact you mentally to guide you further.
But they can do no more than you will let them
do. It is up to you to meet them half-way.
(Continued in the next issue)
VER SO often, some person who has had Scientological processing wants to try Synergetics. Usually they hear about it via The
ABERREE. In general, I try to discourage
this unless the individual concerned has
"had enough" of Scientology, or unless he
is ready, able, and willing to make a complete
break with Scientology (at least, while he
tries Synergetics). The two are so fundamentally different, so incompatible, that any attempt to mix them almost always leads to dysergy.

The purpose of this article is to explain
the reasons for this "policy of discouragement" and to give data on how such a person
can best get started in Synergetics if he
still wants to in spite of everything.

Let me start by emphasizing: Don't mix Scientology and Synergetics. This is the one thing
Mr. Hubbard and I agree on. You'll only end up
with a mud omelet.

There are two major obstacles to a person
who has had Scientology processing and wants
to try Synergetics.
1. Synergetics is presented in abstract,
compact language in order to provide the greatest amount of data in the fewest possible
words. As a result, it takes an effort to digest and assimilate it. For an ex-Scientologist, this can be a source of annoyance, especially when he notes seemingly similar concepts represented by different terms