Volume 7, Issue 9, page 11

Absorbed with our ouija board one evening in
March, 1959, my daughter Janne, 11 years old,
and I were chatting with our spirit friends,
Helen and Donna, who was about Janne's age,
when something went wrong. A strange one
slipped in for a few moments, and had us very
upset and confused with his obnoxious behavior.

Helen came in immediately, seeming quite
excited. "That was not Donna," she explained.
"Rengal! A very bad spirit!"
Thus began a series of annoyances that
lasted several months. These disturbances took
the form of impersonations of spirit friends,
abusive language, lies, and a sort of perverted humor.

Not content, Rengal appeared to both my
daughter and myself one night. We slept in
adjoining bedrooms, so each saw a separate apparition, and next morning compared notes. The
description of Rengal tallied perfectly -- tall ,
dark, and lean, with an evil grin; wearing a
black suit. He might have been anold-fashioned
undertaker. If his intention had been to
frighten us, he succeeded nicely.

That was only the beginning, as we were to
discover. One Friday afternoon in March, Janne
and her girl friend Cindy were amusing themselves with the ouija when Rengal got in, impersonating some nonexistent entity. When the
girls identified Rengal, they tried at once to
rid themselves of him by holding down the
pointer to prevent his moving it. This angered
Rengal sa that he sent the pointer sailing off
the board with a violence unbelievable.

Two frightened little girls signed off imlift the watch. Helen's reply: "Not just being
together, exactly, but don't have them doing
ouija together, It sets up a condition."
Thinking all this information a bit fantastic, we resumed the search for the watch.
The girls were very upset, especially Janne,
and her tears ruled out any suspicion of trickery on their part, ' Anyway, they are not the
type of children to enjoy this sort of thing.

Two months later, after Janne had set off
for school, I casually pulled open Janne's top
dresser drawer to place some freshly-ironed
garments within, when an eerie feeling rooted
me to the spot. There, on top of some underthings in that drawer, rested the missing
watch. It stood precariously on its bent leather straps in a position impossible to retain
for long. Merely opening the drawer would have
normally toppled it over, and I had jerked it.

I lifted the watch gingerly, hardly believmediately. ing -- but it was real. I tried to replace it
They decided to take bkths, and from an ad- where I had found it, but it would not balance
and fell over at once. Had Rengal hidden it?
joining bedroom, I could hear the 'splashing of Our bad boy remained for some time -- until a
water. As I wanted to go to the store before
closing time, I asked them to hurry. psychic friend, Bea Jackson, took it upon herThe splashing subsided. Suddenly the door self to look into the mystery. After a few moflew open and daughter emerged, dripping, en ments' meditation, she announced she had diveloped in a towel and looking completely be rect contact with Rengal. His name when he was
wildered. "Mama! I can't find my watch," she on earth was Randolph, she said. He admitted
exclaimed. "I laid it on top of the cabinet he had been a wicked priest, making people
when I undressed, but it's gone." suffer, while posing as a very holy man. Even
Cindy's wet face peered over her shoulder, after crossing over, he had felt no desire to
"I saw her lay it on the cabinet," she volun- change.
teered. "We've looked all over, but it's not However, that is the last we were bothered

in the bathroom at all." by Rengal/ Randolph. Using some uncanny power
We all looked thoroly, not only in the of her own, Bea was able to convince our torbathroom but in the adjoining bedroom -- pulling mentor that he must leave us alone -- and ,at
out drawers, going thru each and putting things once. He did.

back, piece by piece. We found no watch. -- Copyright 1961 by Rosalind John, Norco, Cal.

That evening, after returning from the
store, we searched the entire house, my hus- HOW WE DO FIGHT "KNOWING"I
band joining in the search. The City Market was one of the few good anAt this point, I decided to ask Helen, via
ouija, about the missing watch. However, Ren dependent grocery stores left in Enid. Lately,
gal slipped in, bold now, and gave his name. there had been rumors that it was joining the
Altho this was usually the signal to put the Red Bud chain", and since I, and my parents
board away, this time I asked, "Where's the before me, had been City Market customers, I

watch?" was a bit apprehensive, as well as resentful,
of the change.
"Sure," he answered. And then " Ha ". That One afternoon, while on my way to the corner
was all. Later, when I finally did contact beanery for coffee, I glanced across the street
Helen, she reported that Rengal had hidden the and saw them erecting a huge sign, with big
watch, but assured me he would have to return red letters, reading "RED BUD". Back at t h e
it some time, and that it would likely turn up office, I said to my co-partner in the crime
in some unexpected way. of hating change: "Well, I guess it's official,
I then asked if having the girls together but I certainly don't like that big new sign
in the house had given Rengal the power to they're putting on top of the City Market."
This feature is open to readers who can
do and do do things that are not readily explained by orthodox behavior patterns. Here
you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents of telekinesis, thought reading,
teleportation, use of the pendulum, dowsing,
automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc. How did you do it? When
did you start? or discover you were "different"? Can you help others duplicate your
feats? Maybe your "facts" will prove nothing
óexcept that so-called "science-fiction"
writers are kidding somebodyómaybe only the
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