Volume 7, Issue 9, page 3

Seers Sift Sixty-one's Sadistic Secrets
Prophet of Doom and Gloom
HE GREAT Roman Catholic Empire that
is to again rule the world with a
bloody iron hand has at last pieced
together the greatest link in its
chain of iron. That link, so long
missing, was forged when John Kennedy was elected president of the
United States. Yet the chain is a
long way from completion. First
must come a terrible war to erase
the Catholics' worst enemies -- Russian and
Chinese Red leaders. This thorn in their
side has kept millions of people from accepting the Catholic religion, which shall
become in the years ahead the strongest
religion the world has ever seen.

The coming war will join together, tor survival, every man, woman, and child. Even the
clergy shall lay their Bibles down to take up
weapons to kill. When America is invaded and
nearly destroyed before the enemy is driven
into the seas, victory will come to us again --
another false victory.

This warning I give now to all anti-Catholics: All your years of hatred, fear, curses,
writing, speaking are to come against you in a
bloody inquisition that shall make your very
hearts stop with fear.

When shall the next war start? In 1957 I
predicted that old-tine leaders such as Wins(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 4)
November 18, 1960
HE ELECTION is over, and things are
starting to happen already. As I
forecast in November ABERREE, this
will be a fatal year, and so it is
and so it will prove to be. President Eisenhower has been pushed into
making a move that will start things
even before he leaves office. All
because too few Americans know much
about politics, and the majority do
not care enough to be bothered.

For quite some time now, the American people
have been in the process of being conditioned
for a new war. Few persons know that this
country has been ruled and controlled by a
group of international bankers, who own and
control the Federal Reserve System. This is
the group that Benjamin Franklin warned his
colleagues about when they were trying to draw
up the Constitution for these United States of
America. Franklin said then that unless safeguards were placed in our immigration laws,
the monied interests would own and control the
nation within 200 years. He missed by 30 or 40
years, for today, the "rape of the American
people" is an accomplished fact.

Today, this country pays a high monetary
tribute to these bankers thru taxation on billions of dollars of public indebtedness -- on
money that should be plentiful at a low interest rate, but is now up to about 414%. These
bankers have controlled the last two Republican
Some things "I See" for 1961:
*Scientists come up with a new theory on
the earth's age. This will wobble a few
*Solar energy comes to the front again --
this time with new uses. (What scientists don't know is the ancient ones
used the same principle thousands of
years ago).
*One of Britain's beloved statesmen leaves
this level of consciousness.
*A new epidemic sweeps the nation. This is
somewhat like the popular Asiatic flu
of last year. This time it has a new
name, with new pills to go with it.
*Hats that look like turbans will be seen
on most of the ladies' heads