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seek, to
it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man is not
a "split infinity" by wars,
him that which he already has
in an
infinite amount.
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Z JAN.-FEB., 1961 * * Vol. VII, No. 9 their manes and tails all in
pretty ribbons, and the riders
HBERREE Recusant Voice of 'The Infinite, stood up on their backs as
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, they raced around the ring
Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen and even did acrobatic stunts .
They were wonderful.
"Johnny really enjoyed the
circus ", she said later to her
"yes, he did," he admitted.
"Too bad it wasn 't a real circus, such as I used to see when
I was a boy. The clowns weren't
even funny, aid the horses --
anything with a head and four
legs seems acceptable in this
motorized age. And the costumes the old hags wore who
were riding them were shabby
and faded -- probably because
it's toward the end of the
season. Even the cotton candy
we got tasted a bit flat: they
must be using an inferior sugar nowadays -- or maybe it was
the coloring. Sort of a dull
WE NEED NEW Chronological- KNOWING TOO A Spiritualist pink, it seemed to me. I didSYMBOLS AND ly, this is the MUCH STEALS friend was trying n't buy any, but Johnny let me
MORE"DAYS" start of a new THE GLAMOUR to tell us that taste his."
year -- a time for everyone should Who saw the circus -- the boy
making resolutions and recov- accept Spiritualism. or the father?
Bring from hangovers. Both are "Why ?" we asked. No comparison between t h e
" So they'd know exactly circus and so-called death?
with the dated diapers acquires what was going to happen to Isn't EVERY DAY a circus, if
as a bequest from the one-year- them when they cross over," he we live it expectantly, fully
ancient with the scythe. said. conscious of its wonders? What
Of course, both images -- the "What will happen to them?" is to be gained by living toinfant and the bearded -- are we asked, morrow down to the last minute
picturesque symbols which man It seemed to us that he got detail? Would you look forward
seems to feel necessary bill- a bit confused, then. "Well , to next week if you knew exboards along his highway of they'll find there's no heaven actly everything you'd do, say ,
life. Without them -- and his nor hell -- and that they keep or experience thruout each of
Santa Claus, his Easter egg, right on living, and... " the seven 24 hours?
his cross, his turkey, and his "Suppose they already know, Whether Time i s actually
Hallowe'en witch (plus uncount- or think they know, that, and linear or not, maybe it's just
able othersl -- how could we don't accept Spiritualism?" we as well i t appears so to us --
remember that on certain "days" continued. and the so-called "past " and
we are supposed to act/think "How can they?" he demanded. "future " are complete mysterdifferently than on other nam- "Well, we're pretty certain ies. If there were such a pererals on that checkerboard of that we keep on living, but we son as an "omnipotent, omnisymbols we call a calendar? don't belong to a Spiritualist present, and omniscient " God,
However, to those named and church. Also, we have no fear who knew minutely what was gounnamed accepted symbols, we'd of heaven or hell, either of ing to happen from the " beginlike to see a few more added. which could provide a somewhat ning to the end " -- and knew HE
For example -- how about setting diabolical eternity," we said. alone was responsible for it
aside one day for criticism, "What's wrong with accepting because of His omnipotence --
in which each of us could air that as a basic premise -- and well, it'd be worse than put --
his complaints against every- discovering the details when ting endless square pegs in
body and everything, and then the necessity arises ? " endless square holes as they
forget it the other days of "But, if they don't know, pass by on an endless belt --
the year? And a reckless driv- they'll go over confused," he without even the hope that the
ing day, in which all who wish insisted. "They ought to know monotony might be relieved by
to maim, kill, and torture from what to expect," a breakdown in the machinery.
behind a wheel could "enjoy " "Here we go again," we said. No, we can't agree with our
special privileges -- and spend "Sounds as if the record has a friend that it's necessary to
the rest of the year driving crack in it. Just what should belong to ANY church or organcarefully and thoughtfully? And they expect ? " ization so that we'll know exwhat about a tax-paying day, Which reminds u s of the actly what's going to happen
during which ALL taxes, of father who took his son to see to us after Exit. Like so many
whatever nature, would be paid his son's first circus. After of the rest of us, they can
-- and the remainder of the year the performance, Junior came only guess, ponder, and wait.
spent in peaceful recovery and home and started telling his Some, of course, are certain
celebration of other "special" mother all about it. It was they "know ", and others "know
days? wonderful ! he declared, his how to know ", but these are
Apparently, all we need to eyes shining. All those funny the ones who, in their infinite
add these to our menagerie of clowns, and when they leaned knowingness, may discover that
over, they got slapped with a the cotton candy is a bit flat
someone take time from their big stick that went spla-t-t-t. -- just a dull pink.
criticism, wild driving, and And there were great big ele- CC
tax paying to figure something phants, with long noses, a n d Our only forecast for 1961:
out? beautiful white horses with 10 more issues of The ABERREE.

"sins" that the little child "holy" days are symbols. Can't