Volume 7, Issue 9, page 10

I HE ZODIAKOS constituted the first scriptures. In its symbolism can be traced the
universal history of humanity. The 12 signs
are the 12 Gates of Anthropological Science which represent the eternal truth of
the ego's experience thru the ages.
The gospel of the celestial planisphere reveals the changeless facts that we need to
know. These fixed facts enlarge our view of
natural phenomena and the operations of cosmic
law. The study banishes superstition, imparts
a knowledge of the structure of the world, the
extent and magnificence of the universe, and
the majestic rank held by man in the glorious

This astral gospel gives us true knowledge
of our mystic being, and makes known to us the
basic elements and principles of Creation. We
find no entity, atom, man, or sun stands isolated from the whole. All are related to the
same creative elements and principles, all
modes and forms of life having the same bond
of connection thru unseen relation.

The Science of Correspondence, anciently
termed Astrology, reveals the meaning and time
arrangement of electrons, atoms, molecules,
and cells; their creation, motion, and related
position to one another, whether in star, sun,
archangel, or atom. The law of the Universe is
One, constantly repeated by the ancient seers,
masters, and adepts.

Astrology has well been denominated the
"rule of kings", and by virtue of its excellence, has survived the fall of empires, the
vicissitudes of ages, and the revolutions of
public opinion.

Nothing could be more natural than for the
Bible to be based on astrology, for it was