Volume 7, Issue 9, page 5

To Psgchic Development
0 OPEN the subconscious mind calls
for use of the "psychic eye", as
well as the pineal gland. There is
a temporal triangle involved here,
the explanation of which is uninteresting to most students of occult development. Neither is the
explanation necessary, and I did
promise to leave out the "dry stuff".

Here, you will begin to develop
what is called "basic clairvoyance'; which
is the first actual step up the ladder of

In Chapter V, you learned to control
the inner eye by concentrating on colors
radiating from each object, this color being called the manifestation of the aura.

In this lesson, you will notice how
many different auras you can see. One of
the best ways to do this is pull the
shades of any particular room, enough to
give it a twilight appearance. Then relax.
You know your best method and position of
relaxing by now, so I won't go into that

Choose some object in the room, and
concentrate on it, watching steadily with
the physical eyes, but not staring. Let
the psychic eye perceive the aura of the

This will take the form of a fine outline of "light"surrounding the object. As
soon as you "see'-' this outline of light,
notice the color. These auric colors do
not stand still, but vibrate or radiate,
swirling in and out upon themselves, or
as a fluctuating light flashing bright
and dim.

See just how far your "inner vision"
can perceive this aura. The aura itself
will grow dim with distance. These colors
will be the key to the emotions connected
to what people or animals are thinking

Practice this until you can automatically see the aura at will. Then practice
"seeing" them spontaneously.

When you have mastered this, you will
be able to tell what your pet wants,
whether it is food or water; or even if
it "feels bad" but not bad enough to be

Watch the auras among your friends and
acquaintances and you will notice how
vastly different each auric color is.

There are some people in authority who
will tell you that each specific color
means some specific thought or personality.
I am not an authority on this, so I hope
no one feels it necessary to either
"straighten me out" or "stomp" me. Yet I
am open to further edification for myself.

I know more about the effect than I do
the cause, so naturally I disagree with
this idea, especially when I have seen
where each person will radiate a different
color for each emotion. Some will tell
you that red denotes anger or passion,
but I have found where red also means
puzzlement of mind.

Altho this is a separate ability, it
will become valuable when your thought
waves contact the thought waves of others.
It is just about impossible to go wrong
when you use both abilities at the same

I will explain more about thought
waves later. Right now, you want to open
the way for the thought waves to focus,
so practice seeing the aura.

We have been taught that shadows are
either gray or black. If you stand in the
shade of some object and concentrate on
the shade of another, you will see that
each shadow has a color. Grass will give
off a bluish color. Flower plants will
give off a bluish-green light. A red
flower will give a sort of purplish cast,
and so on.

If you have any color photos tucked
away, dig them out and look at each thing
in the picture. You will see where the
eye of the camera is more true to colors
than your physical eyes. Yet this is only
a mechanical apparatus. How much more
clearly you will be able to "see" with
your psychic eye when you have developed
it along this line.

This auric light is part of what you
"feel" when another person enters a room.
And it can often be "felt" by some before
that person comes into sight. The aura is
a mass of vibrations which extends far
beyond the physical or psychic sight.
They go beyond the sight range as sound
waves go beyond the range of hearing.

The next exercise is rather exciting
to practice -- and sometimes quite amusing.
When someone knocks on your door, or
rings the bell, try feeling the auric vibrations BEFORE you even so much as look