Volume 7, Issue 9, page 15

teacner. While I do not run
down Volney's work in helping
people, his views on AMORC are
so far out of line that I hope
he will be man enough to realize his error and correct his
opinions to a more constructive level. Volney made a booboo and I am sorry to have him
do so, for I am aware of his
basic sincerity and intent!' --
Infinite 20.4 4 $
"Since the wnole issue is
far enough off my interests to
be trivial, I'd as soon have
not tried refuting Katzen's
argument if he hadn't requested
it. (11 What the original text
of the New Testament was intended by its authors to mean
is, I think, undeterminable.
No validated copies of the original texts exist. (2) That
at least some of the New Testament texts were influenced
by biologistic philosophies
such as Gnosticism, Manicheanism, Therapeutism, and Alchemy
is generally accepted. This is
particularly true in the Gospel of John. That the primary
meaning of the New Testament
is biologistic is generally
denied; Katzen's opinion, tho
not unique, is underwhelmingly
in the minority. (3) Katzen's
cited quotations are invalid.
Quoting New Testament texts
out of context is a standard
practice among some clergymen,
which doesn't make it valid.
Equating isolated terms in
different passages when these
terms have non-equivalent meanings according to the syntax
of the sentences they occur in
and according to the context
of their immediate paragraphs,
is plain nonsense. 'Seed' in
the parable of the sower, means
actual cereal grain, such as
wheat, referred to as an analogy for spiritual doctrines.
The 'seed' mentioned in the
citation in the Book of Acts
refers, as the paragraph explains, to a (singular) descendant of Abraham. Katzen's quoting this as Jesus is the seed
when it plainly says Jesus is
the seed of Abraham is either
stupid or dishonest. Since this
invalidates the identification
of 'Christ' and 'seed', the
intrinsic element of Katzen's
argument is logically invalidated. (4) One reason why Katzen has difficulty convincing
biologists of the correctness
of his philosophy is probably
(a) that his physiological
theorems, while accepted during the Roman Empire period,
are now known to be false. And
(b) all biologists, and most
non-biologists, know that all
seeds are female gametes. Male
gametes are, of course, pollen. Consequently, neither Mr.

Katzen, nor Jesus Christ, nor of finding some clue ot subany man produces or contains stantiation to their claim has
'seeds'. Men produce and con- fallen completely flat. Not
tain spermatozoa. That the in- one has actually correctly
tellectuals of Greco-Roman guessed or prognosticated a
times were not aware of' this single act, occurrence, date,
verifiable fact is not my re- time, or deed. My first series
sponsibility. In Classical of tests were run in 1943, the
times men believed they con- second in 1958, and the last
tained seeds. It was an honest in 1959-60. I'm still searchmistake. An honest mistake ing for evidence but so far
does not establish a fact of the efforts have met with nothnature. If application of Mr. ing but failure. Meanwhile,
Katzen's principles actually hundreds of mediums, psychics,
succeed in curing malignant seers, and sensitives go on
neoplasms, psychoses, and oth- promising claims I submit caner disorders, and also succeed not be delivered -- or can it be
in regenerating somatic tis- that something about me jinxes
sues, then these results will them and throws them off?" --
prove the correctness of his Paolo Graeco, Oroville, Calif.
teachings. Quotations from the 4 4 4
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