Volume 7, Issue 9, page 16

someone who has no spiritual know where we got the idea ly to reincarnation -- in a matperception? How do you describe that the one and only true God ter-of-fact way -- for the idea
an energy flow to someone who is within the human body. The of reincarnation was quite the
can't feel a 10-mile-an-hour Bible says so where it tells accepted thing in that day.
wind on the back of his neck? us that the body is the temple You will find that all new reConfusion is compounded by us- of God... ligions, in their first uning words which have several "In reference to the let- adulterated way, include resets of meaning -- such as light, ters, Ruth Spignesi is Wrong birth as a principle.
which means one thing to a about the coiled snake at the "Read Matt. 16, 13 to 14.
photoelectric cell, and quite base of the spine. The mysti- Also Chapter 17: Moses and Elianother to a live spirit. cal serpent is the intestinal as talked with Jesus on the
"The alchemists particular- feces. Absolute chastity is mountain. When Jesus came down
ly confounded the confusion. not difficult if we live within the apostles inquired why'EliThey used words like earth, natural laws. Lust is not the as had not come before Jesus
air, fire, and water to de- last 'dragon' to be overcome. was to go. Jesus said, 'Elias
scribe spiritual effects, or The 'dragon' and the 'serpent' has come'already and they knew
energies of the soul of such a are synonymous. It is the feces him not but have done unto him
level that they can't be meas- that a body must learn to whatsoever they listed -- and the
ured with physical equipment. overcome... disciples understood that he
Then some chemist tries to "In Ted Jones's letter, spoke of John the Baptist.'
follow these chemical formulae 'spirit' and 'psyche' mean "Then how could jesus have
and reports they make no sense wind. That is more evidence in been speaking to Elias? Elias
at all. More fun. favor of the wind being a vi- must have been reincarnated in
"Life is fun any way you tal part of life. By wind I the body of John, and John was
measure it. But I wonder why mean the gases generated by recently beheaded -- so had alVolney Mathison should consid- the feces that the average ready entered the spirit world.
er Yoga a secret method. The person expels from the body, Hence Jesus spoke to Elias or
sutras of Patanjali are spe- but which should be retained John -- either name being the
cific, but like most other within to promote health. same entity. Many spirits use
methods require some awareness "In Volney G. M a t hison's a name of a former personalof spiritual effects before letter he claims that only a ity -- preferring it to a more
they make sense. But not se- psychotic would try to use the recent one, but it is the same
cret ! " -- Harold Schroe0el, Bible to prove anything. I spirit -- just as a woman marHazel Crest, Ill. chose the Bible as a textbook ries and changes her name, but