Volume 7, Issue 9, page 13

1 Just a week until Christmas (as this is written) -- a
week of mad customers suddenly
remembering that they forgot.
For The ABERREE staff, the day
probably will be spent preparing the magazine for mailing,
since our celebration was held
last summer, and the sub-celebration (a gathering of all
available kinfolk) took place
the week-end following Thanksgiving. However, as one watches from the "side lines" and
sees the frantic, frenzied mob
that has so much to do and so
little time to do it in, he
feels the "something " in the
air that shields against the
snow and cold, a feeling of
camaraderie and "reaching out"
that has no equal at any other
season. It is a time of intoxicated thinking about others,
a bacchanalia of love and good
fellowship, that even the commercialism cannot fully tarnish. Pagan or not, we like it
-- and wish there were some way
to stretch it out, like an unbreakable elastic band, over
the entire 365 days. Including
our unorthodox summer observance...
1 Some little bits about a
scattering of our readers: Our
condolences to Ml:. John Cowan,
of Harrisburg, Ore., in the
loss of her husband September
15... 1 Paul Perella of Prescott, Ariz., took a couple boys
into the mountains and it was
not until they'd spent a pretty
frigid night that a posse rescued them... 1 "Beer" louis
flew to Denver for a day or so
of seeing, and reached home
only after a full day's flying
in storm-swept skies. Arizona
never looked better, he admits. However, he didn't say
if this trip was responsible
for his missing the deadline
with his "Seeing"column, this
month, but we can guess, even
if we can't "see"... 1 Blanche
Pritchett, with the plaster off
the walls of their Fort Myers,
Fla., Council house, new flooring being installed, and