Volume 7, Issue 9, page 4

administrations, as well as the last years of
the Franklin D. Roosevelt and Truman adminis- i ~i ++i~ i~ +++~+++n++
trations, IsE
Americans are beginning to fuel the pressure. They are almost ready for another Boston 11LT
Tea party. However, there is a Mightier Power
that has a plan. Men are but pawns in the game.

The new moon of Nov. 18 shows that Eisenhower is being pushed into something he doesn't like. He already has sent a part of the
Navy into the Caribbean, and another Navy vessel also will be sent. This vessel will be
sunk and the Cubans will be blamed for it. An
incident will be brought about which will give
the U.S. an opportunity to put pressure on
Cuba and start something that may get out of
control. This must be done before the new President takes office because the international
bankers do not control Kennedy.

All of this points out that Mr. Kennedy
will be much concerned. However, he will be
taking some action, and this will concern a
money situation, financial matters, a better
financial outlook for the U.S. over a long
period of time.

This lunation of Nov. 18 will be disturbing
to Mr. Kennedy, but will be disastrous to Mr.
Eisenhower. The planet Saturn will be squaring
his natal sun and will be opposed by the planet Mars. Pushed into something by so-called drydock. Americans shall fight on their own
friends that will cause him personal sorrow. soil for survival. Even prisons shall throw
Disturbing to Mr. Kennedy because he does not open their doors to all men who will join the
want a war, he has other plans. battle for survival. All who live will be parThe lunation of Dec. 18 shows me that there doned.
will likely be an attempt on Mr. Kennedy's Khruschev wanted Nixon elected. Kennedy, a
life shortly after that date. There will be Catholic, is an enemy that shall help to bring
four factions in this country that want him about total destruction to Russia and all her
eliminated before inauguration date, and they allies. The die is cast. Death, destruction,
will try anything to get the job done. I do and terror are coming fast. The "point of no
not see that they will succeed. return " is far behind.

The important date will be Feb. 15, 1961. I close with this prophecy -- AFTER the comThere will be an annular eclipse of the sun ing war is over, we can look for a woman to
and a new moon on that date. This presages become president of the United States when the
troubles for the whole herd of humanity, and world sickens of male candidates. Also, sex
it has far-reaching effects. Mr. Kennedy will will have its day. Pornography will be sold on
feel the pressure of many secret enemies, so all newsstands openly, with the approval of our
much so that he may encounter a health prob- government. Sex will be as open and without
lem, and another attempt on his life. As I shame as dancing is today.
said in the election forecast, he is a man of you who live another 10 years shall see a
destiny. change such as no mind can even comprehend --
At the time of this annular eclipse of the war, terror, shame, sex, and lusts for pleassun, Jupiter and Saturn will be in close con- ure such as mankind has not seen since the
junction in the sign of Capricorn, the sign barbaric days of old. Lucky shall be the dead,
that rules business, big business, and pres- and those who die before 10 years pass.
tige. This lunation and eclipse come in opposition to the erratic planet Uranus, in Leo. 10 years to be without ANY pleasure, we're gotime it will start before the lunation, andtmay ing to offer a stupendous 'war Special'