Volume 2, Issue 6, page 11

The ABERR+EE, October. 1955 11,
ed wiles over a cauldron of boiling brew,
which creates a zero medium by evaporation.

The source is the force of her sorcery. She is a belle, a book, and a
candle -- a woman, a convolution of recordings, and a man.

In this
mysterious A b raxas, "Abram is
the "father ray",
which an X is.

The wheel of life
in the center is
the whirling base
of the pyramid,
repelling the
positive fiery horsepower up -- dividing,
anchoring, and upturning them. The reins
are in the mouths of the serpents. The
cock is the phoenix that rules the roost
of positives and negatives with the X-ing
lash' and shield. Charity is the chariot
in which we get our raising. The inverted record is the sky. "Hold your horses".

Freshmen are given the lash and hazed
(made hazy) in order to make them less
cocky. In Africa, boys at the age of puberty are subjected to the most horrible
terrors. At this zeroing crossing over
age, their powers to poltergeist are too
intense to be trusted. They are, for this
good reason, the whipping boys. "It's
good for them."
Abracadabra is abra-k-ed-abra, is
action-X-ed-action, is the homeopathic
therapy to the magic "open sesame".

Snowflakes are fallouts
from heaven. They are all
-the same, all Chi-Rhos, all
six (sex) pointed, and all
different. On our Great
Seal, a snowflake is the imploding group of cloudlets
forming the hexagonal Seal of Solomon,
sealing in a nucleic particle in its center. Flowers differing from these, growing up, are predominantly

In the spiral nebula,
the black spaces are ingoing forces and the white
rays are, simultaneously,

Winged insects and
birds are X-ing and 1-ing.
Like the humming bird, the
faster the frequency of the
wings, the more stationary
the body. When the wings
slow down, the body shoots out, like an
arrow, into space. This is how we came
to fall out from the apex -- by falling in

We and our world again are entering
the ultraviolet, high frequency part of
our cycle. More has happened in the last
50 years than in the last 500, and more
will happen in the next five than in the
last 50. It is less necessary for a man
today to live 70 years to achieve his
life cycle than it was for a low-frequency man of Genesis to live 700.

The bells of the century are fore
tolled -- foretold to be the last under the
dominion of evil. Now, that it is about
to be on earth as it is in heaven, we are
all scared to hell.

High frequency short wave, versus low
frequency long wave. The ultraviolet
cycle is so frequent that the lag between
cycles is almost zero. Therefore, it projects so little into space that it can't
even penetrate a silk shirt. But being a
hole, it is the causing for everything to
penetrate it and become augmented and
radiated out again. The infrared is the
speeding arrow, which as it penetrates
through space, leaves a hole in its wake,
into which everything penetrates.

Thus everything in the universe is a chain of hearts and
every word in it is inextricably interlocked with the one
that utters it.

In the race
between;the hare and
the turtle, t h e
long-wave low frequency rabid rabbit,
speedily whipping
from side to side, soon whips itself into
an hypnotic sleep. The short-wave highfrequency turtle, whose protective back
is a zeroing dome of positive and negative
squares, will get there first, simply because it has not strayed from its goal
"in the first place".

"IV in Hebrew is a
"Kov" and
its glyph
is a head
with a tongue hanging out. The Kov is a