Volume 2, Issue 3, page 3

The AEA, June, 1.955 3
Tilt: to
of- . Full . MaleBy PHILIP FRIEDMAN SAR, 0 Israel:- The Lord our
God .the Lord is 1," announces the' Old Testament. The
New, renouncing the Old,
says "Christ God". And so,
the cycle is fulfilled in
the Christing 1:

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh

This principle viewed Three Dimension. .
ally shall be deemed to be a = sufficiently
self-evident universality and an evidently universal self-sufficiency:
That action and reaction are opposit____es, likes, and co-eternals.
mio THE FIRST DIMENSION=-The Lord our God
is the Zero which is formed when everything knowable is brought together into_
1._ This _is the zero focal point -- the 1st
evident action of creation, wrought-from
the physical fusion of opposites -- the infin .te zer-o-.

the x, is the zero : which is left when
everything knowable is taken awayis- , the zero vacuum -- the last invisible
reaction of- :spacation, ' -wrought _from- the
non-physical: fission of likes