Volume 7, Issue 6, page 18

n't big enough, long enough.
All the write-ups are so darn'
interesting... And the letters
to ABERREE...I get a big chuckle out of some of'em. Honestly, on days when this m a g
reaches us,.,I just sit and let
everything slide by and read
and read, then re-read it...
Friend husband says... I quote
,..If Hart did make this bigger and longer, just when
would you expect to get anything done around here? ... I
didn't hear him... I just went
on mowing the grass... Well, I
can always put a uniform on
and go back to my R.N. duties
...Give a patient a hypo... and
go on reading." -- Dorothy O.
S1ringfield,I-84, Canoga Park,
that name. There was a time --
but that's history. So, our
apologies, Blanche. It was the
'ARC" in " Marcap" that got our
typing fingers in the wrong
4 The Washington, D.C., Subud Center has moved into a
10-room building at 2111 Bancroft Drive, according to an
announcement sent us by Mary
Hyde, of Alexandria, Va. Open
house was held on 11 September, with both latihans and