Volume 7, Issue 6, page 13

Send your question direct to LOUIS, P.O , you breathe, drink water, or
this Mysticology bit? -- R.M.W., '<<
Chicago, Ill.

DEAR FRIEND -- Right now I'm
not free to give out details
on Mysticology -- but in a few
months, more will be ready for
the public. Actually, I have a
few question marks myself.
DEAR LOUIS -- What do you
think of a salt-free diet? --
D.S., Huntington Park, Calif.

DEAR D.S. -- A salt-free diet
is impossible to maintain, if
Box 21, Morristown, Ariz. Enclose self- consume any food. I do not salt
addressed, stamped envelope for personal MY food; I take it straight .
reply in case there is not room for an ï
answer in the columns of The ABERREE.

DEAR LOUIS -- In 1954 I met a
DEAR LOUISóAs I peruse man and we lived together until
various books on occultism the 1959. He wanted to marry me,
terns "real" and "reality" pop but Irefused -- so he cent away. "The ABERREE arrived today,
u p here a n d there ...and, they I just learned f r o m his sister and it's remarkable h o w it
have little meaning for me. We that he is married. Can I have keeps getting better.
like your definitions of other him back? -- M. G., Brownstown, "The picture of the ,Mystic
phrases; what does Louis have Ill. cologists was a dilly -- reminds
to say concerning this area? -- DEAR M. G. -- You had your me of some thugs' pictures I
E.S.B., Phoenix, Ariz. chance. Now you want to deny looked over at a police staDEAR FRIEND -- One cannot de- someone else a little happi- tion, once noon a time. But
pend upon the reality of an- ness. LEAVE THE GUY ALONE. You nothing was said about the
other person, for one's real- can make out on your own, you picture of the dog or cat, with
ity depends upon his level of always have, just its head showing, back of
Cosmic consciousness. When I ï Louis's left shoulder. What's
ponder the ramifications of its name?" -- Dr. Marcus Fite,
DEAR LOUIS' -- I can't seem to Kellogg, Idaho.

reality, I think in terms of Ktotality that is structured of hold a steady j ob. C an you ß ' ß
that which is real. Let's use, tell me why? -G. HÑ Beverly ´

for an example, a cherry pie. Hills, Calif. I w as delighted to find
This is our symbol of reality, DEAR G.H. -- Let's face it -- mention of my peace of Ju Julin

this is the totality of this you're lazy. You have the at- your wonderful ABERREE Eof July
August issue...
particular manifestation. A titude that the world owes you
slice of this pie would be a living, while actually, it " coe extent of
real, thus the whole is real- is you who owes the world. You youour copies many of my samwil erve
ity constructed of segments are very intelligent and capa- show whether your readers will serve
interthat are real. ble, so why not buckle down ested are
in any worthwhile ways
ï and play the game right. 0th- and means to find peace in the
DEAR LOUIS -- I would like to erwise, you will continue to world. I wish you would think
see spirits as you do. C a n you be a j o b -J ockey, making a it worthwhile to print t h e
tell me how ? -- A. B., Denver, meager contribution and reColo. ceiving little for it.
DEAR A.B. -- The only spirits
I'm even vaguely familiar with
are those that come from a
store selling such. You have
me mixed up with someone else.
True, I see, but I don't see
spirits. Consult the yellow
pages of the telephone book,
listed under Spiritualists,
and I'm sure they'll help you.
DEAR LOUISóWe saw your
picture in the ABERREE, and we
think you're very handsome.
How old are you and are you
married? -- E.S. and B.T.

DEAR GIRLS -- Let's see, this
incarnation makes me 6,735 --
give or take a few hundred
yearsóso you see I'm very
young. As to the marital situation, at present I'm without
the ring of goldóbut I 'm
thinking in that direction.
DEAR LOUIS -- What gives with
Dear Friends:
Well, the tour is overóor at least I'm home for a month
or so. From May until September, I traveled some 10,000
miles, saw some 3,000 people in private sessions, and about
triple that number in group meetings (These are Bill's figures). As you folk know, I've met many a person in my work,
some of high rank and office, but the folk on this trip were
extra special. I like to think of my current contacts as
Children of the Light óand each of you has a special place
in my heart. I can't name all of you (for, as you know, Bill
does the name-remembering), but I do want to thank the following:
Dale and Gabi Malleck, Jeanne Crabb, Ron and Jon Malleck,
the Galushas, the Pueblo, Colo., Bahai, the Denver Continental, Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, Lucille Wilson, Bernadine
Paula Hawkins, Martha Adams, Edwin Archer Talley and Terri,
Dr. Kleyhauer, the Fishers, Wanda Boden, Angelo DiBenetto,
Dr. Warren and Bea, Helen Bachman, Grace Green, the Beers,
Edna, Lucky, Ed, Dwight and Bernice Lewis, Veraille Esty,
Paolo Graeco and family, Dick and Janet Hays, the Springfields, Robert Moore Williams, Don Blanding, the Cantowines,
Eve Arden, Fredia Sippard, Wayne Dunbar and associates, John
and Bonnie Jones, Frankie Triplett, and the Harts. This is a
small listing of the many who helped make this tour a wonderful one. See you all again, real soon. "LOUIS"