Volume 7, Issue 6, page 6

lal point of view that this position must be
uncomfortable. Shedding earth experience completely, they could keep their head in this
position for a month or a year without any
discomfort. Hitler is still in the purging
area, but as I see it, his disturbed feelings
are over the wrong moves he made which defeated
his supreme purpose. He showed a hollow pretense at being bowed down over the slaughter
of millions.

There is no God, Creator; there is no Omniscience, no Omnipotence. There is one in the
H.W. who is accepted as God and Creator. This
is the one I know and call "Sweet Father". I
now know that his creative powers are effective
in his realm, but very limited outside his
realm, here on earth. He is the oldest and
first in the H.W. accepted as and respected in
his realm as God and Creator. Having broken
thru his well-guarded secret by persistent investigation and careful inspection of all communication and teachings from the H.W., I have
now embarked anew on a relentless search for
one whom I feel must exist