Volume 7, Issue 6, page 14

paper in toto for the benefit might be accounted for in this believing; you will know. Howof your many readers... manner if my only child, a ever, they hesitate to tell
"I have now sent out, chief- daughter, had not died. In these things to earthlings who
ly by airmail, 50,000 at my this one, I lived to be old, are not ready.
own expense, and I am now in also. "Transmigration is not rethe process of distributing "In another life, I died in incarnation. Human souls do
the second 50,000; so if any my teens before being married. not transmigrate (enter animal
of your readers want more cop- No descendants to carry on the bodies). Gautama was trying to
ies... kindly let me know. No memory, explain this point, no doubt,
money will be charged, and no "Another example is Bridey because many Eastern people do
donation is implied. The work murphy, who died childless at believe that we al 1 enter
is purely altruistic, and as a very old age. bodies of animals if we have
you say, un-American. (ED. "Most children of India re- not lived right in this earthNOTE -- Readers wishing a copy member incarnations so recent' life.
of this 'Love Radiation Ser- that they have visited former "Even animals do not transvice' folder, giving times for parents, husbands,or relatives migrate in the exact sense of
mental broadcasting, in all time who are still living. Oddly entering the bodies of other
zones, should write Dr. Yeaag enough, they were also born in- types of animals. A dog will
direct. Or, since Dr. Yeang to families totally unrelated. not come back as a cat, for
sent us a supply and it is too oh, ancestral genes; where art example. However, animals, too,
long to print, write The ABER- thou? suffer from reincarnation.

REE for one.) "It is not a new thought "Reincarnation is a fact,
"The response from all over that some spirits communicat- yes, but is not necessary, I
the world has been so far over- ,ing at a seance are not at am informed by spirit friends,
whelming... As a result, the all what or whom they claim to and should be avoided...
world atmosphere is less tense be. Many are known toimperson- ''l would like you to give
and fear is fast disappearing ate and to give false informa- my address so that people who
from people'sfeelings in spite tion. Sometimes the medium remember their incarnations
of bad news in the papers." -- gives information thru her own can write to me. Would like to
Dr. C. H. Yeang, 88 China St., subconscious mind, and is in no know of more incidents, especPenang, Malaya. way consciously aware of fraud. ially if they can be checked."
;3 4 4 "Most spirits walk quietly -- Rosalind John, 1533 4th St.,
"This is in direct contra- where the subject of reincar- Norco, Calif
diction to B. E. Roessling's nation is concerned for the 4.~ 4
article, 'You Do Take It With obvious reason that they will have certainly enjoyed
You'. not be believed. However, if The ABERREE this past year and
"Many people do believe in people have an open mind, the p a r t i c ularly the editorial
reincarnation, but all of them, spirits are willing and eager page. Thru the letters to the
by no means, claim to have to discuss this subject. editor I have kept up with
been famous in former lives. "An example comes to mind : several friends around the
In talking with most ordinary Some months ago, I was sitting country... It is quite nice to
individuals, I have found no with a friend, using an ouija have such an interesting meone laying claim to having board, when a young man (spir- daum of communication." -- Mary
been a king, queen, or other itl came in, giving a name un- M. Ferrell, Dallas, Texas.
historical figure. known to either of us. He,how "Indeed, one man confided ever, claimed to have known my "B. E. Roessling's denial of
to me that in remembering his friend for some time. I asked, reincarnation (The ABERREE,
last life, he would rather not 'You knew her very well then?' Sept., 1960) is about as condisclosehis identity. He said, He replied in the affirmative. vincing as a proof of reincar'Suffice it to say, I was then 'Did you know her in this life nation would be that consisted
a plain, lowly individual... on earth, or in a previous of someone's notarized report
nobody to be proud of... and life?' of having been regressed to
I'd rather not go into it.' "Seemingly uncomfortable, the point where he ruled over
"How could ancestral memory he hesitated a moment. 'Yes, in Egypt as a Pharaoh. Whether
be transmitted thru the genes a former time... I knew her in belief in reincarnation is
if someone died as an infant Rome. She was very beautiful -- gaining adherents in t h i s
or in very old age and remem- dark hair and eyes then, not country and losing them in Inhers this in the present life? blond as she is now. She wore dia has no more bearing on the
"In my last life, I remem- sandles and painted her toe- validity of the belief than
her being an infant. Death oc- nails pink.' And he added as his opinions about the genes.
turfed at about the eighth an afterthought, 'She had such "Either he missed completemonth. In this incarnation, I beautiful feet.' This entity ly or deliberately avoided the
lived in very modest circum- gave his name as Don, but said essential point about reincarstances, and there was no im- he was known as Tal in the Ro- nation, except one faint alportance attached to my name man days, and that our friend lusion. The point consists of
or that of my parents that I was then Lela or Lila. In this:
know of... checking these names, I found "Unless there is reincarna"What of those who remember that they, indeed, are Roman tion here or an some other
having been murdered in a for- in origin. planet -- and it seems only
mer existence? Surely their "Most spirits will tell you reasonable that it would be
genes perished with them -- on that your mental processes ex- here