Volume 7, Issue 6, page 12

Looks as if we got something started when we printed
that cover by Randolph Ray on
the September issue. We got
only one complaint -- and dozens
of compliments. Lottie Best,
of Melbourne, Fla., sent us a
program showing she had 13
"Space Age" water colors shown
at the 1960 Space Age Convention in Chicago, and offered a
cover for The ABERREE if we
just say "Yes ". Which we do --
with exclamation points. We
might add here that "Louis",
while in Enid, also promised a
cover for The ABERREE, so it
may be that those subscribers
with such esthetic taste can
relax. A bit anyway...
∂ And while we're talking
of future covers, Randolph Ray,
of Covington,La., whose painting we used last month, sent
us a card to the effect that
he'd broken his right elbow,
and was carrying his arm in a
cast. He furnished no details,
but if we were trying to write
with our off-hand, we'd not be
furnishing many details, either.
Randolph, and his son, Joel,
were planning a flight to the
West Coast early in September,
and we suppose news of this,
too, will have to await the
unveiling of the arm...
1 "Louis" says there was a
box of "about 1,000" letters
waiting for him when he got
back to Arizona from his long
tour. And before he gets to
the bottom of the box, he may
start personalizing the words
of the song that went something like this: "Had a million dollars, all in nickels
and dimes; I know because I
counted it a thousand times".
When we get a couple hundred
letters that require personal
answers, we begin to think the
sky has caved in. And since we
have no secretary to take care
of such emergencies, some of
our friends wonder why they
get tardy answers, or none at
all, to the epistles they have
carefully marked, "Not for
publication". It isn't because
we don't love them, or have a
broken typing finger, or are
wasting too much time at golfing, movies, bridge. T-V, or
in the garden, that we let the
∂ Maybe there still are a
few books on Scientology and
Dianetics left on the west
coast, but we wouldn't bet on
it. "Hubbard is pushing us out
of house and home ", the Pub.
quipped as she surveyed the
crowded dining room after opening the more than half dozen
cartons of books sent the Lending Library by Russ Haggard of
Los Angeles and Earl Robinson
of Alhambra, Calif. Books also
arrived last month from Ella
Hanford, of Hershey, Penn. ;
∂ Because lending agencies Edwin L. Herman, Baltimore,
won't accept "faith" as collat- Md.; and John M. Wolski, of
eral and "prayer" as an as- Chicago, Ill. -- plus two boxes
sured income, an appeal has from that persistent contribubeen sent out for funds to help tor, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. When
Dr, Gordon Beckstead make the we look at all that advice on
down payment on a new home in "How to Become Wonderful" conPhoenix. In the original ap- gregated under one roof, we
peal , it was suggested that become a bit fearful our litif 50 persons contributed $100 tle old house may start geteach, God and Gordon could ting ideas, and we REALLY will
carry on from there; and in a be left with nothing but a
progress report of early Aug- cherry orchard to e a t a n d
ust, $1300 of this sum had sleep in. Especially since the
been paid in. Looks as if that house probably "feels neglectold adobe house of 11 rooms ed" because we spend so much
and one bathroom is just about of our time in the office...
to lose the Prayer Foundaticn. ∂ Ruth (Mrs. Arthur) Burks
1 Morris Katzen, who gets a says she's feeling a bit lonebit frustrated now and then by some since Taffy, the dog that
outside interference when he "has been as close to me as my
tries his hand at "spiritual shadow for 12 years", found it
healing", thought he'd finally time to take off for an exfound the "perfect patient" -- a ploration of dog heaven, and
crippled kitten. No medicos to Arthur is becoming so soughtbrainwash it; no "relatives" after at retreats, assemblies,
to blossom out with a rash of and lecture halls all up and
counter-suggestions; no medi- down the eastern coast. We've
cine chest of poisons and pal- offered to save "Buttons", the
liatives for it to go to "on the kitten we first named "Arthur" ,
sly". All was going right well , for her, to be picked up the
too, Morris says, until a next time they go thru Enid,
neighbor of the owner, hear- but unless those easterners
ing of the "healing ", thought quit hogging our "red hands",
better results might have been we'll be so attached to Butassured by giving the kitten tons ourselves we won't want
cod liver oil. Exit: Non-in- to give him up when they finterference. We're awaiting a ally get around to distributing
report as to what happens to themselves more equally. Also,
the "incurably crippled" kit- a grown tom isn't half as easy
ten, but we have no doubt that to give away as a cute kitten,
if it gets well, the owner al- no matter what its name...
ways will "know" that the cod 1 Blanche Pritchett wants
liver oil did it... it understood that her Marcap
1 A picture post card from Council, at Fort Myers, Fla.,
ohn and Younne Burch, of Wich- is NOT Scientological -- and we
ita, Kas., reveals tley are in hasten to apologize for an inLancaster, England, visiting ference an ex-Hubbard official
scenes of Younne's childhood might consider libelous. We
and "sorting out half-truths, (meaning The ABERREE) ain't
etc., of her past". We suspect Scientological either, but, as
this sort of "regression " has far as that goes, neither is
it all over the auditing couch, the Washington organization by
even tho there may be times (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE le)
The .RB E R R E E OCTOBER, 1960
unanswered letter pile reach when one would be happier findmountainous proportions occa- ing the people less "the same:
sionally. It's just that we Happy, sad, gregarious, withdon't like to disturb the cats; drawn, generous, greedy -- all
which know a good thing when of the dichotomies". When you
they see it. So, out of the "go back -- in mental pictures",
kindness of our hearts, there's only, some of these inconsisnothing to do but do 'what we tencies have a way of not behave to to keep up expenses -- ing noticed quite so strongly.
and go to bed feeling sorry
for all the people who may be
holding their breaths waiting
for those letters we didn't
write. (The Pub, just kicked
Ye Ed. in the shin for wasting
time (and space) on such " garbage" (her evaluation) as we've
just written. Maybe we should
seek revenge by letting HER
answer that stack of mail, but
we happen to know that she,
too, has a stack of letters in
about the same condition as