Volume 7, Issue 6, page 7

To Psgchic Development

HESE "suggestions" -- or commands as
some like to call them -- are to be
given to one person by another. From
now on, I will refer to the participants as hypnotist and subject, in
the masculine form. It is suggested
that both the hypnotist and subject
read the following suggestions over
a few times in order to acquaint
themselves with what is expected of
them. However, please do not start any
sessions until after you have read and
thoroly understand the next chapter, since
the hypnotist starts by relaxing his subject by using the exercises- in Chapter IV.

First, a few precautions. Do not ever play
tricks on the subject, without consent, while
he is under hypnosis. Never go on mental sideexcursions with his mind, just because you are
curious as to what he will do. Side excursions
and tricks without consent of the subject is
one sure way to cause the subject to lose confidence in the hypnotist.

Hypnotist and subject should always talk
over the suggestions that will be given before
attempting any hypnotic session. Remember, the
subconscious mind is not dead, but merely inactive. As the subconscious mind becomes activated, the conscious mind will become inactive.
Do not ever tell the subconscious mind that it
is waking up. It is already fully awake and
needs only to become stimulated thru exercise.
You don't want to give the subconscious mind
the false impression of having been asleep.

Never tell a subject they are relaxed, and
then go back to saying relaxing unless you add
the word deeper. Remember this rule -- relaxed
and relaxing deeper. You don't want to keel
your subject mentally bobbing up and down like
a cork on a stormy sea. Keep it smooth.

Do not ever bring your subject out of hypnosis by snapping the fingers unless it has
been agreed upon beforehand, after long and
successful attempts of hypnotizing that subject. Always bring the subject out slowly and
gently. If you bring the subject out of hypnosis too quickly, it is possible to leave
them in a mental fog that closely resembles
shock. If you should make this mistake, go
back and do the slow process IMMEDIATELY.

Never use hypnosis on anyone with heart
troubles, or who is liable to epilepsy, unless
you are a physician, or have a physician with
you while using hypnosis.

It is not advisable to use the words vague,
tired, and asleep while putting your subject
under hypnosis. Use the word awake when bringing the subject out of hypnosis, since at that

time you will be advising the conscious mind.
Remember, the subconscious mind does not rationalize for itself. The subconscious mind
cannot think for itself; it knows only what
you tell it. But it can be trained almost beyond belief.

You will notice a '' -- -- "in the suggestions.
You are to supply your own choice of word or
(as the Indians of my tribe did) of action at
this point. This self-suggestion maybe changed
when you have "mastered "self-hypnosis.

When the subject is completely relaxed (as
suggested in the exercises in Chapter IV), the
hypnotist will gently shift to and continue
with the following suggestions. Repeat each
suggestion three or four times before you continue to the next suggestion.

Relax all tension from your body and mind.
Let your body go completely relaxed until
it feels heavy.

Breathe deeply and softly.

Nothing will bother you.

Nothing will disturb you.

Relaxing deeper and deeper.

You will not wake up until I tell you to.
You are relaxing, completely relaxing,
deeper and deeper.

Your body is limp and heavy.

Rest and relax, deeper and deeper.

Breathing slowly, relaxing deeper.

Your conscious mind is drowsy, very relaxed, very drowsy.

Listen only to my voice guiding you deeper
into hypnosis.

You will do as my voice tells you to do.

I an guiding yau into self-hypnosis because
you want self-hypnosis.

From now ou will hypnotize yourself.

Whenever you wish to hypnotize yourself,
you will breathe deeply and slowly and say
( -- -- ) (repeat word or action) three times.

After you breathe deeply and slowly and repeat " -- -- " three times, you will go quickly
and easily into conscious self-hypnosis.

You will then give yourself whatever suggestions you wish to do.

You will stay in conscious self-hypnosis as
long as you wish to stay.

When you are ready for the trance to end,
you will say to yourself " " "I am
awake". You will then be normally and naturally wide awake.

When the hypnotist has repeated the foregoing suggestions to his satisfaction, he then
will "wake up" his subject by repeating the
following wake-up process.

Now I am going to wake you up.

When I count to three you will wake up.

You will be normally and naturally wide
awake when I count to three.

One. You are waking up, slowly waking up.
Two. You are almos awake now. Almost awake,