Volume 7, Issue 6, page 8

Three. Wide awake now. W i d e awake. One,
two, three.

Do this slowly and smoothly, being sure to Tjl
use the words one, two, three in the wake-up
process and repeat one, two, three at the con- rg
clusion of thewake-up process. Once is usual-k
nn ,
ly enough to bring the subject out of hypnosis.
Do not repeat every sentence in the wake-up
If f t
process three or four times as you do with the hypnotic prob. Blame-el
he subj ecect is overly tired, he may want to sleep a while longer. Should this happen,
you may feel the need of repeating the wake-up By Dr. KARL KRIDLER
process once thru again. Or, you may wait a
few minutes and let your subject rest. In that (8) GREED AND CORRUPTION
case you may tell them to Sleep awhile and LL POPES, from the 4th to the 16th Century,
wake up by yourself in about (so many minutes). took advantage of forgery. For more than a
Repeat this one three times. thousand years, these forgeries previously
You will have no trouble if you follow mentioned and other forgeries flourished.
these suggestions completely. In any case, The mind-conditioned masses believed anyyour subject will go from hypnosis or hypnotic- thing and everything the Church reported.
trance into a natural sleep and then wake up It was the Age of Forgeries, Ignorance, and Denormally. Above all things, don't become excit- ception. It was the work of the Mother Church
ed and yell at your subject if they choose to riding into political power.
sleep a bit longer than you think they should. By the beginning of the 6th Century, greed
In gaining self-hypnosis, you have gained and corruption had thrown the Church into
self-awareness to the extent that you will be chaos. In 15 years, there were six different
able to remember all things for yourself that popes. Some departed via the murder route.
you wish to remember; forget what you wish to Rome's political ruler, Theodoric the Ostroforget; develop what you wish to develop. goth, sought to break the stranglehold of the
Use your choice of self-suggestions to ben- Church by making his servant, Vigilius, pope.
efit yourself and others who need help. This Rome arranged itself into Roman and Gothic
will be explained in a later lesson which I camps. Pope John I was imprisoned. The Church
call "Cosmic Contact and Control". conspired against Theodoric, but could not
Don't use your new-gained powers selfishly. weaken him. Seeing their cause slipping, Pope
Selfishness is one of the greatest destroyers Silverius, who purchased his office from Theoof self-development. The most brilliant mind in dotus, decided to win by destroying the libthe world can destroy its self thru selfish erty of Italy. So, he conspired with Justinian,
hatred, while the little "moron" gains the the Byzantine Emperor, who sent an army against
kingdom of Heaven. Rome, and the treacherous Silverius opened the
Learn to love thy neighbor and you will city's gates. He thought himself secure, and
learn one of the strongest powers, and one of settled down to enjoy Church luxury.
the most powerful "secrets" that was ever giv- It was at this stage of Church chicanery
en to man by God. Learn to love the things and debauchery that one of the most remarkable
that the God of Love, and the Love of God, has women of all times appeared -- Theodora, wife of
made. Justinian. She was the most notorious prosti(Continued next month) tute recorded in history. She took a strong
dislike for Pope Silverius, and a stronger
liking for his enemy, Vigilius, the friend of
Theodoric. To her husband's general, Belisarius, at Rome, she wrote as follows:
"Trump up a charge against Silverius (the
r r pope) and send him here.

The pope was quickly charged with treason.

Ii'~T That was sufficient. Vigilius was made God's
L Supreme Agent in 537 (See Gibbon's Decline and
Fall of Rome).

This short synopsis given here of the hisHIS ARTICLE is quite different from others tory of the popes in this period is but a mild
in the series