Volume 7, Issue 6, page 9

This seems to qualify as a psychic experience.

My mother woke me the other morning at 4 a.
m. and said she had just dreamed of giving
birth to a lizard. At 7 that morning, I had
occasion to come into my study and use this
typewriter. On the floor was a newly-shed
lizard skin, about eight inches long.

I think we are at least entitled to presume
that shedding one's skin must be a fairly uncomfortable experience for a lizard, but it
never occurred to either of us that a reptile
would have enough of a mind to transmit
thoughts, especially strongly enough to awaken
someone! -- Ivor Darreg, Los Angeles, Calif.
ï girl. Tirsa, tho a queen an d a slave owner, thin
that COUPLE LEARNS OF THEIR OLD ROMANCE cNas ause at hardshipdor inconvenien eg to the litttle
My wife Helen and I met Margaret in Santa slave, as she loved her dearly. Neither did
Monica back in 1936. She was the beautiful , she wish to offend a guest. She solved her
vivacious mother of two wonderful teen-age problem by calling Nautchka into her presence
daughters and living with a second husband and asking her whether she desired to become
with whom she was very happy. Some years be- the property of the haughty Barbarian. Nautchfore, she and her first husband had agreed to, ka confessed she loved the Barbarian and would
a divorce of convenience so that she could gladly become his slave. Tirsa generously premarry Robert, who was a friend of both. He and sented Nautchka to Saesus as a gift.

Robert worked together at the same place. When the royal party from Atlantis returned
Margaret was a channel. We would turn the to their home, Nautchka went along as the wife
lights low and she would sit in an easy chair of Saesus.
and lay her head back and step out of her body Tirsa has never re-embodied since that long
and an entity could step in and use her body ago time. She is one of those in the land beand talk to us as plainly as she would herself yond who have overcome rebirth, as there are
when she was there, those " on this side" who have overcome death.

That was the way we met Little Queen Tirsa, For the most part, the world knows not these
and others, too. Between what all of them told overcomers. After a time, they disappear to
us, an enticing story was unfolded that had some retreat or go to another planet whose vihappened to us many thousands of years ago on brations are more in keeping with their own.
Atlantis and Lemuria. The everyday, workaday world struggles on,
At that time, Margaret was a Barbarian Queen thinking the overcomer has died and passed to
on Atlantis. Her name was Nikki Arty, and she that plane from which no traveler returns
was cruel and clever, making playthings of her (they think),
henchmen, whom she toyed with as a cat toys Little Nautchka sits beside me as I write
with a mouse. Her henchmen respected her be- these lines. She is now known as Tiokako, "The
cause she held the power of life and death Little One". The world knows her as Helen. We
over them. One, Saesus, also was clever, and have lived and loved many times since those
the queen had learned from sad experience that long-ago days on Lemuria and Atlantis when she
he occasionally was almost able to turn the became my bride when I was Saesus, and once
tables on her, making her the mouse with which more, in our present life, she is again my
the cat played, beautiful, darling wife.
During the course of events, there came a -- Russell G. Jones, Ramona, Calif.
time when there was a royal wedding in Lemuria ï
to which the royalty from all the world was CHILD DISCOVERS "HOMING INSTINCT"
invited. This, of course, included Nikki Arty
and her court, including Saesus. When I was nine or ten years old, we moved
While in Lemuria, Saesus became very enam- to another city. As it was during the school
ored of a beautiful slave girl named Nautchka. term, I was immediately entered in school. The
He thought to have a flirtation and forget it following day there was a big parade and the
all, but a man of his standing could not be school children were in it. This would have
seen in public with a slave girl, and secret been all right except that when the parade was
flirtations in hidden places were not too sat- over we were dismissed in the center of town.
isfactory. There neither was opportunity for a Having just moved there, I didn't know the
secret rendezvous, and Nautchka, the property name of the street I lived on, didn't know the
of Queen Tirsa, was unto-operative. Even tho name of the school, and didn't even know what
Saesus attracted her, she was loyal to her part of the city I lived in.
queen, and construed contrived meetings as To get an idea of the layout and the route
disloyalty and wholly unworthy of a loyal I followed to get home, imagine a large square
slave. of about a mile to the side. A line from the
Eventually, Saesus decided he had to possess center of town to the school would be one side
her at all costs. The desire for her was so of the square. Now, we had marched from the
consuming that he could think of nothing else, school and around town before being dismissed.
Finally, he approached the kind Little Queen Like being blindfolded and spun around, I didwith an offer to purchase the beautiful slave n't know one direction from another. I did
OCTOBER, 1960 The A B E R R E E 9
This feature is open to readers who can
do and do do things that are not readily explained by orthodox behavior patterns. Here
you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents of telekinesis, thought reading,
teleportation, use of the pendulum, dowsing,
automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc. How did you do it? When
did you start? or discover you were "different"? Can you help others duplicate your
feats? Maybe your "facts" will prove nothing
óexcept that so-called "science-fiction"
writers are kidding somebodyómaybe only the
editors of so-called "science-fiction"books.