Volume 7, Issue 6, page 10

start out on another side of the squareóthe
one we are imaginingóand not in the opposite
direction from home. When I arrived at the
point opposite the school, I turned, and still
on the square, went down another side of it. I
had now arrived at the point of the square opposite the center of town and on the same side
as the school. About this time, I guess, I was
beginning to wonder if I was going to make it,
so I stopped a woman on the street and asked
directions. She directed me to the nearest
school. Having arrived back at a point where
my school was the nearest before asking directions, this was it.

When I arrived at the school and saw that
it was the right one, I'll bet that was the
first time in the history of man that a school
looked so good to a kid.
-- Joseph B. Gunter, Vero Beach, Fla.

Age 8óAwl I don't manna go where there
are any girls.

Age 18óGuess I '11 go down town and let
the girls look at me.

Age 28 -- Oh, boy! Look at her! Do you see
what I see?
Age 38óGuess I'll go down town and look
at the girls.

Age 48óGuess I'll go down town.

Age 58óGolly! I'd sure like to go, but
I 'm so darn' busy.

Age 68 -- Guess I'll go to bedónothing on
ster Of A Bot It Wauld Require To Put A Payr
Of Every Anima] Existing Into It, Besiedes
Food For 40 Days Or Longer, It Wauld Eaven Tax
The Ingunity Of Aur Present Builders, Leave
Alone Those Ignorant Sheep, Swine, Goot And
Cowherds, Ofthat Age,
Now, Lets Analice That Equally Hypocritical
Lying Weaselwordet Story Abaut That Israelitic
Exodus From Slavery Aut Of Egypt, First, How
Did Thy Land In Slavery, And Thyr Nation Got
Broken Up? Well, Poland IsA Good Sequeel, Like
The Poles, The Jews Even Moore, Thy Regardet
Every Other Human Being Who Not Stricktly Follovet The Dictum Of Thyr Creed, The Laws Of
Jehowah Moses, As Not Moore Than Human Or Other Cattle, Fit To Be Slaugtheret At Will,
Moore So If Thy Had Lots Of Gods And PropperOW, LETS See What This Hooly Christianity ty, And The Church Prakticet That Wholesale
Teaches, Lets Peel It 'Inert And Analice Later, Aquiring The Realestate Of Whole NaDisseckt It In All Its Branches And See tions And Big Parts Of Others Wich Thy Still
What It Is, First, The Story Abaut Crea- posess Aquiret By Teft Murder And Robbery, So
tion As Told In That Socallet Word Of God Like The Polish Orders Of Hooly Roman Church
The Hooly Bible, Which Didnt Even Exist Knigths, Hooly Ritter Orders Aristocrats,
Till Long After That Convention, First, The Slaves To The Orders Of The Church, Thy Made
Church Palmet Of To you Jehowah As Aur Crea- Robbery An Slaugthering Rayds On Neigthboring
tor, And Told You Jehowah Created Everything Nations Who Didn Believe In Thyr Creed, Till
In Six Days And Made Sunday A Restday, And Thyr Neigthbors Got Together, Exterminatet Ond
That's The First Brazen Lie Thy Utteret, For, Abolishet The Aristocrats And Orders And DiCreation Was A GOING CONCERN 20 TAUSAND JEARS videt Thyr Realestate Amongst Them, In Asia,
AGO AND STILL IS IN FULL SWING, Every Once In Thy Made Slaves Of The Whole Bunch, As Many As
A Wile You Read That Aur Astronomers Tell Us, Thy Cauld Grab, Now, What Do You Think Any
Thy Observet Another Sun Becoming A Nebular, Americans Slaveholders Answeer Wauld Have Been
The Sun Vanishet, Decayet From Old Age O r If A Bunch Of His Slaves Had Made Simialr DeCollusion With Another Sun Or Planet, But Then mands On Him, I Can Imagine If You Cant,
The Church Aliways Needs Money, So The Fining Pharaoh Cauld Easy Replenish Any Losses By
You For Breaking The Sabath Laws Is One of Rayding Neigthbooring Cauntries, Now Abaut
Them, Next That Sugar Coatet Stoory Abaut Dear The Seven Wonders Of Egypt And Moses Atempt At
Adam An Eve In Paradiese, All At Once After Scarin Pharaoh With His Blakmagic Triks, Which
Supposetly Eating Thet Apple, Became Ashamet Pharoahs Blakmagicans Put To Laugth InFront
Of Thyr Nakedness Which Thy Had Existet In All Of Hooly Mooses, Ah But Then Mooses Paul JehoThyr Past Life, Another Brazen Lie, Thy Simply wah Steps In With His Hooly Seven Wonders, Now
Gaynet Selfawareness, Selfconsceousness, And Lets See, How Thy Compare With True Recordet
Became Human Beings, Where Befohre Thy Were Hystoryes Autsiede Jehowahs Church, It is HysJust Consceaus Like All Other Animals, That torically Recordet, That At The Same Time Those
Proves The Ideocy Of Aur Dear Wiese Scientists Seven Wonders In Egypt Suposet To Have HapLoking For That Missing Link. prnet, The Planet Lucifer Somewhere Close To
And Also That Hypocritical Jehowah Church Mars Eart And Venus Explodet As A Result Of
Story Abaut That Sodomy Suposetly Commitet By Thyr Scientific Experimentations With Atomic
Human Beings On Animals Then Here, Well, If Fission And Fusion, Bloving Its Own And Marss
That Was Sodomy, Wasnt It The Same When As Thy Moons Aut Of Existence, Which Marss People LaClaym Man Adaptet Apebodies For Hisself? How ter Replacet By Artifical Ons. That Explosion
Come Jehowah Church Dares to Blame Us For Thr Causet Plenty Damage All Over The Earth Not
Fakt That The Different Species Of Animals Were Only At The Time Of The Exodus But Peiodically
Left Free To Interbreed,? Who, But The Creator For Hundrets Of Jears After, And If You Look
Of This Earth, Dear Christs Daddy, But Just Cloosely At The Resulting Damage Those FallThe Same, Bloodthirsty Jehowah Got Mad And auts In Egypt Causet On Humans Cattle E,C,tra,
Createt That Flood By A Forty Days Rayn, Which And Compare Those Resulting From Atomic Bomb
In Itself Is An Ideoci And Another Lie, And Fallauts Reportet Lately, You'll See Thyre The
That Story Abaut Noah An His Ark. What A Mon- Same. (More on The Exodus Next Month)
10 The A B E R R E E ,OCTOBER, 1960
A Skeptic Dissects
Some Sacred Myths
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