Volume 7, Issue 6, page 16

are such seeds. You see, I
don't believe everything I
read, but I do give the benefit
of doubt to one who knows what
he is talking about. I've found
too much that is 'scientific'
to be untruth ..
"(P.P.S. (still later) -- One
of the old-timers locally told
me that potato seeds only grow
small potatoes and these potatoes are replanted to grow
large potatoes. That explains
why potatoes are planted by
farmers instead of potato
seeds." -- Morris Katzen, Cooks
Falls, N. Y.
"Let's bust some of your
toys displayed in recent issues
of your paper. You have carried a lot of articles pretending to debunk Christianity
and Jesus as a myth -- which
would be all right if they had
something or someone responsible to hold up evidence to it.
Usually the biggest liar is
calling everyone else a liar,
and as the Scripture indicates
the impure can only see the
pure as defiled. As a youth I
was brought up in an atheistic
home, no Bible and I refused
to read it till 24, and more I
was once nurtured by the writings that you print, that is
of the same author.
"Now, this man says Jesus
Christ is purely a myth invented by priests of Catholic
church in 4th Century...I have
no bones to pick with the man
personally, having learned
very valuable things from him
in instances, altho this teaching I found quite misinformed
and uninformed...
"The first three centuries of
Christian history is full of
government and writers' records that tell of Christians
martyred f o r t h e i r cause,
Christians who confessed they
personally knew Jesus or his
apostles -- and these records
proudly denouncing Jesus as
Kridler-Hotema-etc. now does
showing the tortures that
await other followers. T h e
records of the church ceremony,
mass, etc., are carved in rock
on the catacombs long before
the Council of Nicea when the
church could 'come out of the
catacombs'. Kridler - etc . .
quote from Catholic encyclopedia but remain so ignorant of
hundreds of evidences of
Church Christ and Bible existing before 4thCentury. T h e
lives of saints living in 1st,
2nd, and 3rd centuries, telling how they upheld Christian
doctrines, dying for same,
cannot be overlooked merely as
invention of craft priests.
The Mohammedans did not go to
Catholic Church to learn of
Jesus, getting news from Jew- to print all the evil, murder,
ish sources, but these sources deception, etc., that any of
went back to eye-witnesses of the other secret societies
Jesus, depicted fraudulently (Masons, Rosicrucians, etc.)
but not denied as Kridler-etc., that Kridler -Hotema use as
does. their sources, have in their
"However, the most convinc- history, as long as you are
ing evidence is outside the exposing a few groups of peoCatholic Church. Read the works pie? Why not be fair and give
of George Lamsa who has trans- space in magazine to answer
lated the Bible from original a l l K rid 1 er