Volume 7, Issue 6, page 2

* Vol. VII, N0. 6 infant to lift a bar of soap ,
there would be no fulcrum, no
Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites weight-lifting. Man would be
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, satisfied to lift bars of soap
Pluto,, and Zydokumzruskehen "from the cradle to the grave".

As for that man who " invented writing" getting due
credit, we doubt that this can
be hailed as the discovery of
any one person. Writing evolved
from necessity -- just as most
of the "great discoveries" of
the past. There is evidence
that most of the "discoveries"
of yesteryear are credited to
certain individuals, not because they originated the idea
but because they dared look at
others' guarded thinking, test
it, improve on it, and give it
to the world in defiance of a
dictatorship that would keep
Man in bondage to their foibles
and fallacies.

Man is what he thinks he is
-- and he can