Volume 7, Issue 6, page 4

would teach us what they knew best. Altho I
was still too young to take a serious part in
the learning, I was old enough to be here,
there, and everywhere at the same time.

Training for the older children included
the weaving of cloth that I wasn't allowed to
touch. All of us learned to trim and skin berries, roots, and barks for the making of dyes.

Quite often, I came out of these sessions more,colorful than a rainbow. After perusing predictions, it seems that
Reading, writing, and arithmetic were done
by smoothing the sand into a "blackboard". Our the best way to prevent something from happenpencils were our fingers, or pointed sticks, ing is to say it will. The very act of preSchool usually "let out" with a huddle of dicting helps to prevent the happenings.
yelling legs and arms that seemed always to The more liquid a bank is, the more solid
end up on the "blackboard". it is.

Afternoons were generally spent trying to
outwit the fish in the lake and river bottoms, To be told that your writings are " thoughtor practicing how close we could get to the provoking", after using thousands of words to
wildlife before we were scented, stop thinking -- well, that is provoking.

Cat napping was also a favorite pastime for The point I as trying to bring out is that
those of us who had watched the stars too long the point cannot be brought