Volume 11, Issue 10, page 17

4Iy O U ARE to be congratulated bad they didn 't ask Him to imon The ABERREE. Typography , prove their literary style
neatness, columns, humor, and while at it...I have found elviewpoints reveal tremendous ements of truth in many 'isms'
growth. The fact that you have and 'ologies' but know now that
kept it going successfully all all of them are guides, and
these years is an accomplish- no one of them has a monopoly,
went in itself. As you know, that self -knowledge is the
most `little magazines' prove most painful penetration a
just too much for their owners person can perform. For this
and fold... reason, our innate desire to
"ABERREElators: Dec. issue: avoid pain, fear of giving up
I don't disbelieve in flying cherished illusions and desaucers, just in those who do. fensive masks, so few attain
I've thrown many myself. Am it. Lord knows I haven't but
not impressed with those who've at least I've shed a few false
sk ins.

I know for sure that if
made 'other world' contacts. I can't find fulfillment in mymade be flabbergasted if they I can
made contact with THEMSELVES! self I'll never find it in oth... I co-operate with many or- ers. And that's the tragedy:
ganizations but now belong to Most people try to fulfill
none (except via correspond- themselves by pursuing t h e
ence). At one time was officer- emptiness of others." -- Dr. Leo
member of over 100 organiza- Louis Martello, Monument Ali
tions and ended up self-dis- Bey, Tangier (Morocco).
organized. As I wrote in a re- "SOMEONE just rote asking if
cent article, 'The truly strong J I knew Don Bartholomew and
man stands alone. The weak man that caused scanning of Diastands by being propped up by netics 1951-2, and so included
others!' .. Monica Ryder 's re- you in that old gang of mine.
port re Mexico in many respects The Does Thibodeau have moved
parallels my own on Morocco. (from Myrtle Beach) to CaliSwindling is a way of life fornia(San Dimas) and the last
here. People are poor. Now that I heard he was going to adTangier is no longer an Inter- dress the C. A. D. A. group -- more
national Free Port, economy of that old gang. Would like
has dropped, everyone is hus- to have been there,
tling to make a buck. Many in- "Mandah (Love) managed to
conveniences. On positive side , escape r e sponsibilities New
rent, food, and help is cheap. Year's weekend, and so spent
All depends on what one is it with me. She is a revelalooking for. To become 'disil- tion of reportorial data, eslusioned' is to admit you had pecially since this included
illusions to begin with. roher- her Florida trip. Is still hopever you go you take YOURSELF ing that the Harts might lowith you. Before I came here I cate in or around The Retreat.
told friends: `I expect the "An old friend of mine just
same crap in Tangier as in New passed on. He was at one time
York. What I want is the nov- a student of Gerald Heard and
elty and variety.'... The more altho he never spoke of it I
I've worked with people psych- suspected he had at least a
ologically, g r a phologically, glimpse of Cosmic Conscioushypnotically, cartomantically ness. Anyway, at his funeral