Volume 11, Issue 10, page 11

Mystery Symbols Saved Tarot
from Papal Goons
N OCCULT or symbolic literature, there
is one phenomenon of especial interest. This is the Tarot, an ancient
work that escaped destruction at the
hands of the Mother Church because
its symbolism defied interpretation by
those not familiar with the secret doctrine of the Ancient Masters.

According to legend, the Tarot is the most
ancient book in the world, its origin being
lost in the fog of antiquity.

Parts of the figures of the Tarot can be
seen today in the ruins of the temples of
Thebes, capitol of Egypt in 2,000 B.C., especially on an ancient ceiling of one of the
halls of the palace of Medinet-Abou.

The masses don't know that these ancient
Egyptian temples were destroyed by the Roman
army after the Roman State Chuch was established, the purpose being to destroy the Ancient Wisdom and thus conceal the fact that
Roman Catholicism is founded on a fraudulent
interpretation of Ancient Symbolism.

The original pack of Tarot cards represented
an Egyptian hieroglyphic book, called the Book
of Thoth (Hermes), consisting of 78 tablets,
and representing a very ancient system of symbolism derived from a deep study of creative
forces, laws, and agencies of the universe,
especially in their relation to Man.

In the Library of Alexandria, before it was
burned on orders of the Mother Church, there
were many copies of the Tarot, consisting
often, besides papyri and parchment, of a vast
number of clay and wooden tablets.

We are told that in the beginning, the Tarot
Where was this Bible made? In the Alexandria library, where the workers had access to
all the choicest scriptures of the Ancient
Masters. Ptolemy Philadelphus (309-246 B.C.) a
learned scholar of his time, offered rich rewards for all kinds of religious and philosophical writings.

Wise men of all nations, impelled by their
desire for the reward, went to Alexandria with
their best writings. In this way, Ptolemy succeeded in obtaining 280,000 of the most valuable scrolls and manuscripts in the world. By
comparing the various writings, Ptolemy was
surprised to find that all religious systems
were approximately alike. They were patterned
upon one original system, one universal religion, which varied in different countries
only as the customs of the people varied.

Traces of this original system are preserved by inscriptions on stone monuments and
temples of all races and nations, in spite of
the destructive work of religious fanatics,
who strive to make their system appear as the
only true religion.

So, in the Alexandria library, the Bible of
the Mother Church was made by skillfully distorting the ancient scriptures as they were
copied by the workers, to make them refer to
the church God in the sky, to his alleged Son
on the earth, and to a cringing puppet called

And in this way, allegory became literalism,
symbolism became personalism, Paganism became
Christianism, and the King of the earth, who,
according to the Bible itself, has dominion
over every living thing upon the earth becyuse
of his superior intelligence (Gen. 1: 28), became a lowly worm who needed a Savior to salvage his lost soul from eternal torment.

It was the most diabolical, infernal, atrocious trick ever perpetrated upon mankind in
all the history of the world.
cards were medallions stamped with designs and
.s numbers, later metallic plates, then leather
cards, and finally cards of paper.

Most of these were destroyed by the Mother
Church, which is ever alert to conceal from
the eyes of the world the wisdom of antiquity,
and to hide the fraud that its own religious
system consists of an invention that was created by literalizing the ancient allegories and
personalizing the ancient symbols.

Those intelligent people who refused to beg,' Tieve in the fraud were burned and slaughtered,
and, according to history, more than '70 million
victims were thus slain in the name of the
gospel Jesus.

A4 Some commentators assert that the Tarot is
W a synopsis of the ancient Hermetic sciences
pq with their various subdivisions, or an attempt
at such synopsis.

All of these ancient sciences harmonized
m and constituted a single system of the deeper
psycho-bio-physiological study of Man and his
H relationship to the world of noumena (astral),
and the world of phenomena (material).

When the Mother Church invented its relig- There are' two things to aim at in life:
ious system in the Fourth century, it needed a first, to get what you want; and, after that,
Bible to give i t "Holy Authority " over the to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve
11 masses -- the authority of its God in the sky. the second. -- Logan Pearsall Snith