Volume 11, Issue 10, page 9

curt' in the 1st house are certain to be brought
to the fore and since the activating influences
are Pluto and Uranus, the signs are stormy.
Amusement circles seem slated for difficulties,
and our foreign affairs, represented by Pluto
and Uranus in the 7th house, are sure to be
awkward and seriously complicated, since those
we would help turn against us, putting us in a
very bad light in certain quarters. This too
may be just as well, since Neptune in the 9th
house seems to indicate foreign aid is becoming increasingly unpopular with our people.
With Pluto coming into aspect with Neptune
(Pluto representing the U.N.) chaos and confusion are indicated in that quarter likewise
By SYLVIA DeLONG insofar as money (Jupiter) is concerned, and
S THE MONTH of March arrives, we must first since disruptive Uranus is conjunct Pluto, it
bring to attention a configuration which, may even represent signs of a breakup in this
Awhile not coming up until the latter part organization. Certainly, since Jupiter opposes
of March, nevertheless will cover all Neptune, there will not be money enough to conevents leading up to it. This is the devastat- tinue, unless we furnish it again.
ing Saturn-Uranus opposition (long foreseen by Mars in the 8th house of the lunation chart
astrologers), with Uranus being immeasurably is in a very adverse location, denoting .as it
strengthened by the conjunction of Pluto and does, fires, crimes, accidents, and high death
Mars -- Mars being the match to the powder keg. rate -- even the death of notable people -- and
Since at the same time Jupiter opposes a since Mars is ruler of the 10th house, along
Moon-Neptune conjunction, two heavy oppositions with Pluto, governmental circles are sure to
are formed in the heavens, depicting a time of experience much difficulty handling the warstrife, violence, and cataclysmic disturbances like gestures of foreign countries. He is also
all over the world. This configuration is at working in the 7th house of other countries.
its strongest late March and early April, and Indications are also for much illness and death
yet I cannot see that we in this country should in high circles.

have it too bad, particularly since this na- A retrograde Mars in the 8th house is
tion seems to be the 'fair-haired child' of usually considered as quite dangerous for the
Jupiter who transits our ruling sign, Gemini, leader of the country, especially since the
for most of the year, thus spreading his pro- Sun (country's ruler) is aspected heavily by
tective arms over u s. This does not mean we the three malefics, Mars. Uranus, and Pluto in
shall be free of troubles, but by comparison the lunation chart. Saturn ruling the 12th
with the rest of the world, we should have the house indicates Congress will see many changes
proverbial 'bed of roses', in its personnel, together with several party
The equinox chart which depicts events for splits. Altogether, there will be much diffithe ensuing year places Jupiter very near the culty with the country's affairs.
mid-heaven in the money sign, Taurus, so ob- As March moves on, we find the 12th house in
viously our finances must be up for considers- the Full Moon chart, representing hospitals,
tion. Jupiter is shortly to enter the ruling institutions, and charitable organizations adsign of our nation, Gemini, and altho very versely aspected and tied in with a money
weak there, being in his detriment, yet he of- shortage from the 2nd house, and opposition
fers much protection, and it would appear that from the masses as represented by the 6th house
our financial condition as a nation- will be placements, including the Moon (general pubvastly better than that of the rest of the lie). Our guess is that th'e general public
world during the turmoil caused by the-above- (Moon) has finally become fed up with the way
mentioned 'great opposition' during the rest solicitations have been stepped up these last

of the year. few years by these institutions and since disBut trying to confine our remarks to March, ruptive Pluto and Uranus are involved, it is
we find a loaded first house in the lunation highly possible these agencies will have to
chart, with malefic Uranus as its ruler, and entirely dispense with their existing methods
depicting greatly unsettled conditions in- of solicitations and direct their programs
volving people in nearly every walk of life. from an entirely new angle, or their income
= The month should start peacefully enough, will be considerably less than even the present
since Lady Luck, in the form of Venus, conjoins goal-reaching deficiencies of the last years.
the lunation and is most elevated in the house. Medicare, as represented by the 6th house,
Regardless of unfavorable aspects for the rest also appears in for some rough going as indiof the year, railroads and transportation com- cated by the strongly occupied 12th house in
panies should find themselves making gains this direct opposition to it.
month, both financially and thru the courts. On March 24 Mars comes into exact quadrature with transiting on in the first house,
04 W Our
many obstacles efforts outer s remmooved, so space this projects
work can should pro- find representing the people (equinox chart). Mars
a gress more smoothly. always indicates violence and strife and since
Neptune is ruling the money house and is he is the God of War, troops and armed forces
well aspected, but Neptune is retrograde and are also indicated. Since Luna is in Pisces,
CC1 deceptive. Ideas for prosperity will look good governing the Negro, it would appear that late
a on the surface, and the money picture should March or early April would see severe racial
look good generally, but the Full Moon chart at outbreaks and riots, necessitating the use of
end of month shows the outcome. Jupiter, the armed troops.
4 money planet, is opposed to Neptune, thus indicating