Volume 11, Issue 10, page 14

was prodded by what she considered a Divine commandment:
"Become a minister and build
My temples': She enrolled in a
midwest school for post-graduate work along spiritual lines
and took summer courses there
for several years, altho she
collected her degrees elsewhere. However, conventional
ministerial duties did not
satisfy her, and when she realized that the second part of
her "revelation" referred to
the body as "temple of the
soul", she directed her energies toward finding methods of
restoring health.
"Why Suffer," enumerates
Dr. Ann's successes and failures before reaching her goal
-- the perfect food, or "manna".
Apparently to avoid AMA persecution, Dr. Ann emphasizes
that wheatgrass cures nothing,
but combined with correct diet
and proper health habits, it
seems to furnish a "first aid
kit" which the body can use to
throw off any undesirable condition. She cites numerous instances of health regained by
persons who had been pronounced
incurable, and describes tests
she has made to discover other
beneficial influence of wheatgrass.

You may not be able to believe all Dr. Ann says about
wheatgrass, but she gives you
simple directions for growing
it yourself in your kitchen,
bedroom, or enclosed porch,
and supplies the formula for
making the wheatgrass drink.
So, if you are a skeptic, you
may test it yourself and discover whether it helps in overcoming cancer, cataract, and
constipation -- that is, if y o u
have cancer, cataract, or constipation. And especially, if
the treatments you've been trying have helped no one except
the "practitioner" who's been
cashing your checks. -- Sophia
Swami Premananda. 123 pages.
$3.50. Pub. by Vantage Press,
120 W. 31st, New York, N.Y.

This book, subtitled "Two
Thousand and One Jewels", isn't a book one picks up and
reads and then files away as
a completed thing. Actually,
except in format, it isn't a
book at all. It's a bound volume of Paeans, in which Swami
Premananda expresses himself
in most carefully selected poetical prose, revealing his
understanding of his Godhood
and his atonement with the

Swami Premananda was born
and educated in Calcutta, India,
and came to the U.S. to become
minister of the Self-Revelation Church of Absolute Monism
in Washington, D.C. During his
tenure, he designed and aided
in the construction of the
Golden Lotus Temple, and has
been honored by the Masons, of
which he isa Shriner and holder of the 33rd Degree, the only Swami to be so honored by a
Masonic body. He lectures extensively at universities, before civic groups, and Christian churches of nearly every
denomination. He is the author
of numerous books, dealing
with Vedic and oriental philosophy.
"The Inner Path to God" embodies the basic principles of
Jnana, or Wisdom Yoga, and
seeks to trace the flight of
the soul into timeless oneness
with God. It is divided into
several sections as well as
sub-sections, taking up, in
turn, such subjects as Awakening, Self-Study, Creative
Qualities, Divine Attributes,
Illumination, and Realization.

Under the heading, "Body
and Senses", the author says:
"The body of manis the temple
of his soul. Because God is
pleased with my body he dwells
within it as my soul. The body
is a fleshly bondage to one
whose mind is enslaved by
sense attachment; it is a divine instrument of self -expression to the God-inspired
soul. Thou has placed me in
this body, not to confine my
soul, but that I may realize
thy manifested glory within
the power of all my sense perceptions. Thy divinity is enshrined in my soul."
Only those who pretend to
crawl upward along the mud of
a deep canyon can fail to get
a lift from each of the "2001
thought jewels". -- Trah Nika.

of her voice, to "Show me the
way to get out of this world",
that we gave the radio dial
such a counterclockwise twist
that we doubt if it ever can
be repaired. We realize that
each generation develops its
own level of the arts -- poetry,
painting, music, architecture,
dancing, etc. -- but if some of
these hog-callers are examples
of today's rhythm level, it
may be only years before someone will rediscover the o l d
Klaxon, and accord it the lead
role in tomorrow's symphony
orchestra, while a bevy of unmuffled motorcycle engines replaces the choir. In which
event, "Show me the way to get
out of this world" will not be
just bad music and poetry; it
will be elevated tb the status
once held by "America", "Home
Sweet Home", and "Sweet Anodyne"...

,IS FOR YOUR comment that you
do not go along with us on
the possibility of world chaos
next June, please be assured
your guess is just as good as
ours, until history -- or rather,
events -- verifies one way or the
"The effects of planetary
forces affect us apparently
thru the endocrine glands --
same number of planets as endocrine glands, which is somewhat more thancoincidence. The
only way I have been able to
achieve any alleviation from
these forces has been thru the
use of the most sophisticated
application of endocrinology,
and then it is only an alleviation, not an evasion. I am
beginning an article on the
glands and their relation to
our planetary system. I remember reading in 1928 someone's
postulation that such a correlation existed. Why contemporary astrology has not followed this up and come down to
cases instead of continuing to
flounder around in mysticism,
is beyond comprehension and
indicative of the humbug age
we are living in. Also, there
is always the strong possibility that the average person
does not want to face the hard
realities of cold universal
forces that work according to
physical laws regardless of
their egos or supplications to
"My observation is from the
following frame of reference:
1935, '36,'37, World War II
began with the revolution in
Spain, where Hitler and Mussolini tested their armaments.
Jupiter squared Saturn, in and
out twice. Hitler marched into w
Poland -- Mars squared Saturn, ,c
Venus; Mercury opposition Pluto. Japan struck Pearl Harbor,
Saturn conjunction Uranus,
with the preparation for that
begun six months previous, when
Saturn was conjunct Jupiter.