Volume 11, Issue 10, page 15

It must be borne in mind that
the stage must be set for these
planetary angular relationships to trigger world-wide
action. I believe you will
agree the stage is set now as
to world tensions and civil
tensions in the U.S. None of
the above angular relationships even remotely approaches
the seriousness of next MayJune's planetary angular Positions." -- Burt Essex, Hawley,
´THE ESSEXES being upset about
their predictions not coming off re. the election, etc.
-- well, that reminds me:
I keep o 1 d malts around for
years; sometime I clean up the
mess and come upon something
very interesting, if not laughable. That's how 'twas not
]ong ago. I turned up an old
1955, and guess what. On Page
3 is an article, 'World of Tomorrow', by Alma Crawford Graving, and she says about Russia: 'Neptune and Saturn are
rising in the first house of the
Moscow chart. This is terrific
energy for rebellion of the
people, for weather, agriculture, and public conditions.
Neptune rising over Russia
will produce mystic, gigantic
changes in that vast land. It
will be cloaked in secrecy and
mystery. Russia may never recover from the violent disaster
pattern of August, 1955. The
new head man, Khruschev, who
came into power in Aries, with
Neptune opposite his sun in
Aries. His position, too, will
collapse as 1955 goes along.'
On China, she says, 'Deaths
strike Red Chinese leaders.
Fall from power of Red leaders
is shown this time of year.'
Actually, I believe in astrology
to some extent. That it influ. ences our personality and inclines us in one direction or
another, I believe; but not
that you can make such sweep' ing predictions as those outlined above...
"Tell your friend that if
he wants to believe Margie,
thru Rev. Zenor, in CHIMES,
that is ok with me, but to take
W a look at Agasha's prophecies
W for 1964, and check them off.

I did. (Rev. Zenor is also the
C ) 4 medium t h r u which Agasha
speaks, you know.) Well, if I
am very generous, I would concede that about one-third of
his predictions came thru. Some
were downright wrong, and the
rest were too far out even for
x this age. Of course, some of
these m i gh t come true many
years hence. But this set-up
was supposed to be for 1964,
mostly. .. I have nothing against
Agasha, Margie, or the medium
15 they speak thru; I just disBut God rules the higher
planes. I said HIGHER. The
lower planes are still under
control of the Evil One, and
many spirits have to be taught
right - thinking a n d rescued
from their own mire. But this
is possible only when the
spirit sees the light, and realizes there is good and evil,
and chooses the good.
"I did read about Phylos ,
the Tibetan, and think it, or
he, is a myth. I do know his
info is not like what I've
gotten from spirits. And alas!
he wore a beard.
"(The book) 'Hide' was a
shocker! I hope it isn't true.
Think maybe some of it might
be -- like the invisible govt.
behind things. Of course, this
is hinted at by other occultists, and called the Black
Lodge. My spirits say the Devil
is the supernatural force behind this. But I don't like to
'buy' the entire book. Just a
'look and see' attitude...I do
think he has a quaint sense of
humor to write the Govt. that
he will take over and run
things if they will just move
over. Ha!
"And now for some thorns to
go to a place where there are you. I did'not like your book
got tod asp People in England review on The Historical Fulfillment of Johns Revelation
will wake up over there in the You call this a 'review' ? I
familiar surroundings of an suppose reviewing this sort of
English countryside. Over here books is cheaper than pouring
we might find ourselves in the out your father-mother fixaupper regions (vibrationally tions or rejections on a psyspeaking) of the U.S. But this chiatrist's couch, but it is
lasts just as long as it takes not kind to your readers. Esfor them to realize what has pecially those who do believe
happened, and then they are in the Bible. But you did exfree to explore and ask ques- cite my interest...I would like
tions and roam the world -- just to read it. I am beginning to
so they don 't get out of their wonder -- or was even before your
particular vibration (plane). review' -- if maybe the churches
They can't go barging in on the are all wrong -- got away from
planes higher than their own the teaching -- and the Bible
development. knew this would happen, and
"That book, 'Thinking and made it a part of the record.
Destiny', that you reviewed in Sounds reasonable.
a long-ago ABERREE. Well, I "Hey ! Do you suppose Jack
can't buy this dope about 200 Felts was pulling our leg when
years of heaven and a similar he wrote 'There's Danger in
period of hell. Every human's Being Different'? I would bedestiny differs 'on the other lieve in little bugs like you
side' as well as here. People have illustrated there with the
are born here and die at van.- story, but I want to be sure
ous ages. Same thing there. there are little bugs that
Some stay forever, and some look like men before I let go
come back in six months, or a of my reason and accept it.
year, or 60 years, or 200. The Actually, anything can happen,
average is around 200, true, end we don't know it all at
but we don't have any rule of all, but, I mean should we? I
thumb. And the hell comes first imagine jack could be a great
and not after heaven. They work kidder if he cut 1pose. But if
their way up, not down (vibra- he is serious, I don 't want to
tionally speaking). There is appear too skeptical in this
no hit-and-miss business about nodern age.
it; There are laws over there, (ED. NOTE -- We suggest you
and everything is precisely look on page 3 to see if our
operative according to these .policy" is still in force.)
laws. On earth: the Devil

rules, and it is all confusion. " I liked 'Giving Healing
The bad get the best of the PoWer to Water', by Wilfred
good guys -- at least for awhile. Jodo.n. This is good. So 's the
agree on the information at
"Thank you for sticking up
for my right to my own 'knowingness' as you call it so
aptly. But I disagree with you
that you will find what you
expect in heaven. Many rich
men, and those who have had it
so nice here, find to their
utter surprise that they are
in the meanest circumstances
over there, sometimes, and in
rags, filth, and poverty of
surroundings. It depends upon
how they treated their fellowmen, and how they conducted
themselves on the earth. Some
of them are steady churchgoers,
and have put in stained glass
windows and given much gold to
the coffers -- but they have been
sinful, and wicked, and couldn't buy their way over the
River Styx. They lied, stole
from widows, and contributed to
the unhappiness of others.
They get what they attract to
their own souls, and nothing
more. This info is from the
spirit side, so I think it may
be correct. However, as to the
other conditions, they find
themselves in the kind of
heaven they have imaged, to
some degree. Methodists will