Volume 11, Issue 10, page 18

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-- Thanks for printing my ring- is the way to give your 'be- life where it is least likely
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had s o m e theoretical back- cess, Hubbard, or the auditor, the one and only God." -- Morris
ground in it. I told him. You Try it, see how it co m muni- Xatzen, Cooks Falls, A.P.
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Mexican seeds are; in Zapotec, ous valences or pieces of ma- "THE "DEAR EDITOR" section in
OLOLIUQUI, in Spanish BADO NE- chinery you might keep handy." the current issue is very
GRO, in botanese IPOMOEA VIO- -- C. W. French, Cutten, Calif. good. I especially like the
LACEA, and in English, Heaven- 0 0 0 little letter by Louise Pavey,
ly Blue, Pearly Gates, Flying stir HE ABERREE arrived today. equating free speech and The
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stores works. The seeds of "On Page 17 Fred N. Hand
Rivea Corymbosa also have psy- reports that he does not agree
chedelic properties but are with my views. That is a broad
much weaker... Several experi- statement. Fred Hand does not
menters reported to me that know my views because there is
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tity, 500) exteriorized them been published. Fred thoroly
without fear or strain, and approves of sexuality of all
with full perceptics.,. description except when sub"W. J. Gordon -- Now, really, limated. That is an expresgeometry hasn't changed that sion of profound ignorance, but
much. Every point on a sphere Fred will find many so-called
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ameter is the same length. A opinion, and that is the great
circumference is 2 pi times a tragedy of our time wherein
diameter. If whole animals with this great nation of ours,
undigested food in stomachs -- puffed up in its own conceit,
as opposed to smears of deep- is still ignorant of its own
frozen hamburgers -- are found ignorance in a field of learnfrozen in glaciers, ice-floes, ing that is more precious than
etc., as they are, the alleged all scientific knowledge put
Drayson phenomenon (tip-over together. But there is nobody
of the planet) must have been to share my view because nobody
the gentlest cataclysm imagi- else has learned what I know.
nable. I hadn't heard of trop- It seems as if I am up against
ical frozen animals, more us- a tough problem trying to conually mammoths who were more vince the brainwashed masses
adapted to sub-Arctic climate. how to improve health and proBesides any of which, it hap- long life.
pens that the polar ice caps "Fred Hand is wrong in his
are still receding, the north opinion that we begin to die
one quite rapidly." -- Fred Hand, after we are born because the
Houston, Texas. fastest growth of tissues and