Volume 11, Issue 10, page 12

I She DREAM -- I was man in had bed come and to as my w exorcise ?rife
the came evil
into the room, I asked her who was at the door.
spirits from our house. I told her there were
thad ~ no evil spirits ink my our house, if so and I fund
I went to check tropical fish and und
a tank I'd forgotten about. There were about
30 fish in the tank and most of them were on
top. On the bottom of the tank was a pile of
sand. One small fish dived from the top head
first into the sand. As it did a large hole
opened up to reveal a cave. The fish swim in2>teaotd side and stopped because there was a large rock
lying in the center of the floor blocking further movement..V.P., Ohio
INTERPRETATION -- The man who wanted to exorBy LO WA N A case is someone wanting to help clear out your
(send your complete dream to Lowana, P. O. Box thought pattern. You have refused his help --
3044, Tampa 1, Fla., if you wish an Interpretation. whether he is right or wrong. The forgotten
send $2.00, plus stamped, self-addressed envelope. fish tank indicates something that you should
Dreams will be published in this column as space give immediate attention to. It may not be
permits only if permission has been granted.) "forgotten" as much as you have neglected to
DREAM -- My family and I traveled thru beat- get at it for some reason. The number of fish
tiful mountain country until ue came to a fair, here indicates the number of days you gave to
There were many people there, but all were restore (feed) whatever it is that you aren't
strangers to us. We entered a sort of museum. attending to as you should. The fish diving inA tall good-looking man started talking to me to the pile of sand indicates a small loss of
in a friendty manner. We talked a few minutes value, compensated fot with a much larger gain
and 1" started to walk away with my family and as indicated by the cave opening up. Even this
leave his with his friends. He begged me to will demand your attention, as indicated by
stay. As he started crying and acting like a the large rock, The rock that could stop your
child I saw he was badly crippled. His back advancement is "inaction " or inattenti6n.
was humped and his hands were gnarled and out