Volume 11, Issue 10, page 10

dertaking, with March
12 offering the very
best aspects. At that
time Saturn favors
your Ascendant while
Jupiter and Sol in
space are in good aspect and favor your
natal Sun. This combination is a good
one f o r money and
property transactions. The Moon adds
her weight by favoring both natal and transiting Sun, and since she is increasing in
light, favors new undertakings.
been educated for a
musical career. Since
my father was a musician, I naturally
planned to follow in
his footsteps, but in
college I became intensely interested in
drama. I have been
told I have acting
ability. Is there
enough shown in my
horoscope forme to continue working at acting,
or should I just stick to music? July 17, 1940,
11:35 A.M. -- V.R., San Diego, Calif.

DEAR V.R. -- Your musical abilities are shown
by your ruler Venus in Gemini. However, Venus
does not have the favorable aspect to Neptune
which is so important for the necessary inspiration. Leo is the actor's sign and holds
Mercury, Pluto, and Mars in your 10th house of
career. Your Sun is in impressionable Cancer
in this same house and favors inspirational
Neptune, enabling y o u to completely throw
yourself into a characterization, while your
Mercury-Pluto conjunction gives you excellent
impersonating talent. Further, your well-aspected Capricorn Moon places you before the
public. By all means, stay with your drama
(music appears secondary), and prepare yourself for the opportunities which can come your
way in the summer of 1966 when Jupiter and
Uranus favor your Sun in mid-heaven.

husband left me and I
have filed for divorce. I'm only asking for support for
our child, but he
will not come to a
reasonable agreement.
Should I continue
trying, or just stop
the proceedings? -- L.
G., Florida.

DEAR L.G. -- The Uranus-Pluto conjunction passing over your Asc.
and afflicting your Sun could be counted on to
bring some upheaval into your life. Altho this
influence is noted for tearing things and people apart, it is never wise to force issues or
start any important actions under such transits. The date you filed your divorce action was
distinctly unfavorable and found your cycle at
its lowest point, while your important planets
were unfavorable. Your husband's cycle was at
the top. Further, with Uranus and Saturn adverse to your chart for most of 1965, the
chances of any successful outcome from your
efforts are very slim. It appears wiser to stop
proceedings and let your husband carry the
ball -- and don't be surprised if you find you
don't need the divorce, for your charts show
some very binding ties which can win over the
negative forces now operating.
speculative venture
begun in late 1964 is
not working out too
well. Should I sell
out, or will it be O.
K.? -- C. R., F lorida.

DEAR C.H. -- A chart
cast for your venture
does not look too
promising. The second
house of the business
chart, ruling finances,
inventories, and general practices, is tenanted
by a restrictive and retrograde Saturn who receives the adverse aspects of the money planet
Jupiter (also retrograde) in the speculative
5th house and Mars in the 8th, governing bank
relationships, accounts, and other peoples'
money. True, Saturn is favorably aspected by
the Sun in the 10th (power of enterprise) but
Sol is in its "fall" and too weak to override
the other negative aspects. Uranus rules the
financial house but is only in conjunction with
Venus who, altho ruling the 10th house, is
likewise very weak being in her "fall" The
10th house (success of business) holds deceptive Neptune opposed by Jupiter in the speculative 5th and afflicted by Saturn in the
money house -- thus indicating the venture looked
better than it actually was. Further, the weak
Sun in the 10th receives the opposition of the
Moon (public). I'm sorry, but it appears that
this venture was started at the wrong time to
prove profitable and that it would be to your
advantage to sell out if you can.

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By Ava Woodford, Lost Creek. W. Va.

Milkmaid from the Milky Way